On TV, a priest from Santa Fe recommended to correct the homosexual “deviation”

“I ask you a question: Would you like to have a homosexual son or daughter?. This is how the priest José Ceschi began his message on his television program “Family Break” that is broadcast on Telefe Santa Fe at the close of the transmission. After the repudiation on social networks, the signal apologized to those who have felt offended.

The priest’s reflection was disseminated on the day that marked the 10th anniversary of the sanction of the Equal Marriage Law, the 15th of July. “It is very painful to have in a normal family a son or daughter with this deviation“he said at the beginning of his message and gave tips on how to get over it.

“Sometimes you can correct in time, and you have to try. Resort to professionals and spiritual care also, “Ceschi continued.

In closing he said: “If a homosexual can not be exercised as a homosexual, much better.” AND asked to pray for him or her before saying goodbye.

Given the rejection that generated the message, from the channel they apologized through Twitter and announced the lifting the program. “We apologize to those who have felt offended or aggrieved at the broadcast within our programming of anachronistic comments from third parties regarding homosexuality“they wrote on the social network.

Furthermore, they announced the lifting of the program and clarified that “in no way do they represent our thinking and therefore, we want to reaffirm our intention to build a more plural and inclusive society.”