Coca-Cola For Me accompanies listeners during quarantine

Through the Coca-Cola For Me app, 6 hours of live production are broadcast daily with Sofi Morandi, Lucas Spadafora, Momi Giardina and Fermín Bo

In order to face the uncertainty of quarantine and accompany young people up close and at home, Coca-Cola turned the radio back on and relaunched Coca-Cola For Me, a platform for content, entertainment and exclusive benefits that listeners can purchase safely and without leaving their homes.

“The decision to relaunch the Coca-Cola For Me radio was spontaneous due to the context we are living in. The quarantine made us return to our home, where this isolation brought the need to communicate and the radio is the perfect excuse to speak, to have a fluid contact with what happens abroad. Our ecosystem begins in an app, continues in social networks and ends at the tables of the homes, “he points out Gonzalo Duperré, Coca-Cola Senior Digital Marketing and Technology Manager for South Latin America.

Radio is in the DNA of Coca-Cola For Me. That is why, through the app, listeners can access 6 hours of live production daily with the leadership of Sofi Morandi, Lucas Spadafora, Momi Giardina and Fermín Bo. Divided into pairs (from 14 to 17 and from 17 to 20), they are in charge of interacting with the audience. The radio can also be listened to via streaming through the official website (

“We are doing the program in community. It is a joint effort,” he explains. Fermin. For Luke That is the great finding of this new experience in front of the microphone: “It is a very transparent space, where we really connect with our audience. And it is something that does not always happen on social networks. Here we chat and have a constant round trip.” For his part, Momi He emphasizes that “the best thing about the program is that it can surprise you because different things happen every day.”

Under the motto “the App that we do together even if we are apart”, Coca-Cola For Me aims to converse, empathize and accompany young people in this very particular context. This is reflected in different sections that invite listeners to interact at all times with slogans and daily hashtags that frame the conversation.

Become the heart of a multiplatform content hub, Coca-Cola For Me’s differential is the wide range of benefits it offers to the public. Listeners can score points or “Bubbles” by completing different actions and challenges and redeem them for prizes 100% online and without leaving their homes. Brands are also present and focused on the interests of young people: the sections of Sprite, to talk about movies and series, Fanta, where drivers tell the latest Gaming and e-Sports news, and Coca Cola to present music releases, Meet & Greets, Podcasts, challenges, etc.

In addition, an exclusive space was opened to accompany entrepreneurs from all over the country and that they can publicize their products / services for free. Another aspect that checks the search for being close to the listeners is that all the separators are recorded by them.

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