What did Lestelle say when she received the document letter from Dr. Zin?

The doctor intimated his colleague to a “damages” mediation after she recounted her experience of bullying twenty years ago.

In early April, an unexpected media coverage appeared accusation against him Dr. Claudio Zin: the Mariana Lestelle she was telling through her Twitter account that her colleague had harassed.

Back then, he had said on the social network: “Zin talking about mitigating the impact. Do you want me to tell, doctor, how did you try to mitigate my impact? ‘I tell the story,’ says Zin. Tell the story of when you invited me. to your office. I’m talking about 20 years ago and to those who ask me, yes, clearly it was harassment

From this accusation, Claudio Zin sent him a Document letter. “It does not ask me to retract, it is also the first letter that reaches me and it is for damages. He doesn’t tell me that I insulted, slandered, or lied to him. Clearly what you are looking for is money, I don’t know where you are going to get it from. At the bank I think I have 284 pesos because the social works have not yet paid. What he is looking for is money, “said the doctor this Thursday in Los Angeles in the morning, referring to this fact.

Dr. Zin sent a letter document to his colleague for accusing him of sexual harassment

“25 years ago these things were not counted, because they were naturalized. We were ashamed to count them because they came out to tell you that you surely had a short skirt or something you would have done. At the time I told my mom but not my dad or me brother, because they have always been very protective although they are not violent, “he explained.

He also referred to the letter document through his Twitter account:

Harassment account

The doctor told the air how her experience with Claudio Zin was: “It was in ’96 or ’97, in the Chiche Gelblung program. I was advising a radical deputy for the doping law for football ad honorem. This deputy was One day as a guest at Chiche’s and asked me to come with me. At one point Chiche approached me and said: ‘You have to do TV‘. They started calling me from some shows, and once they called me in America, for the newscast were Enrique Llamas de Madariaga and Denise Pesana “.


The doctor met Claudio Zin in the Chiche Gelblung program

And he continued: “This doctor [Zin] It was him columnist doctor Since a long time. I went to a meeting to arrange to do a medical column, and it was a very masculine territory. I found him at the exit of the channel, I told him that they had called me. Then he made me call the secretary to go to his office to talk about work. ”

“When I got there, he made the secretary go out and I remember that he had a desk in the back and front two armchairs, one one and the other two bodies. He sat next to me, in the two-body, too close and instead of talking about work, he told me that to be on TV it was good to have a sponsor, someone to guide me. I got closer and closer, and ended up sitting on the armrest. I replied that I already had people taking care of me, I said hello and left. They didn’t call me over the channel, of course“he related.

Lestella said he told it now because “he was watching TV and this doctor disqualified the medical advisers who are working in Alberto Fernández’s health team. “It seemed to me of absolute baseness that sitting behind a desk and without touching a patient years ago, disqualify doctor Pedro Cahn, for example. It seemed unfair to me and my point was: ‘who are we believing, when they are morally clean,’ “he argued.

Maybe it would have been arranged with a phone call apologizing and simply saying that he didn’t know he had made me feel that way, “he concluded.

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