Today’s horoscope, Friday July 17, 2020


Operational day with movement of papers and responses that arrive earlier than expected. Handle your sayings wisely and get enough air to avoid making mistakes. Love feeling complications or interdictions.

Moment: crimson in color.


Positive bullfighting day, it indicates to them that there are things that are improved and they take a different course that would alleviate them in the economic plane. Today wanting to entertain their partners and make the home a place with harmonic warmth and warmth.

Moment: pure pink.


The desire to achieve progress and the anguish of having the external brake for the reality that is lived. It becomes unbearable sensations that pushes them to feel lost. Far from these feelings should be planted in knowing that everything will fit.

Moment: aquamarine.


Cancerians do not need to deny who we are, feel anger about being sensitive or perhaps somewhat weak. We are what we are and what we have of ourselves, give and celebrate receive. Look around you and value everything.

Moment: sapphire.


Familiarity and companionship in the workplace even at a distance. Knowing how to coexist and relate is an internal job throughout life. Heat in the home, they open their eyes and realize what is necessary to live better and happier.

Moment: fuchsia color.


They will feel that the day is running fast. They make calls and procedures that will keep them busy. Friday with good financial results that prepares them to be calmer on the weekend. Positive side in the experiences. Take advantage.

Moment: gold color.


Internal changes on this day given the news in the family. New happiness, hubbub that fills them up. However small the situation that does us good, it is worth millions. Finances balancing day by day. Don’t spend.

Moment: yellow.


Today is a somewhat strong day for scorpio reactions. Do not remove the sting generating disturbance in the coexistence. Calm. It is essential to set goals in the tasks you do, do not fall behind. Take care of what you eat, choose well and put aside temptations.

Moment: crimson in color.


Take advantage of the quarrels that take hold to change them for creative energy or for an expeditious response to problems. Emotional ups and downs affect relationships with others. Try to think not only about your convenience.

Moment: cyan color.


Friday that brings people closer to sharing things with friends. Call them, connect, physical distances are the least when we want others from within. In the day news would come of certain movements in the workplace.

Moment: olive color.


Aquarians will feel like taking care of their partners more. They propose and invite you to have a good time leaving aside daily problems. They analyze possible ventures to be carried out in the future that attracts them and encourages them to continue.

Moment: strawberry color.


Try to control impulses and temptations to want to eat all the time. Pisceans connect with your intense spirituality and otherwise channel anxieties or anxieties. Love accompanies, do projects together and set goals.

Moment: celery colored.