Telenoche en La Matanza: dramatic scenes of an eternal quarantine and the fight against the hunger pandemic

119 days of isolation, different phases, imminent announcements and a distressing reality: more than 11 million Argentines today need help to survive. In some suburban parties, the situation is extreme. In the Slaughter, for example, González Catán’s neighbors do not give more. The help that comes to them is insufficient and they do not have to feed their families. This was confirmed to Gustavio Tubio in a tour he made to Telenoche.

The cases are repeated. Without work, plans, allowances, or the IFE are the only income for families. Once they collect that benefit -an average of 8 thousand pesos- silver lasts hopefully until 15 of each month and then they are left with nothing. The network of dining rooms accompanies so that they have something to eat, especially the boys, but it is not safe. They are places full of people in the same situation and the food is not enough for all.

Food, work, clothing and medicine are lacking. Also heating in homes. Many women are alone with their many children. One of them was robbed so many times that he had to leave his house and the place became a garbage dump. “We don’t live, we survive”, the neighbors agree. Faced with the absence of the State, the only thing left standing is aid between them.