Renault showed the first Alaskan made in Córdoba

The Renault company began with the manufacturing of the Alaskan pick-up pre-series, at the plant located in the Santa Isabel neighborhood.

The novelty had been advanced in the social network for business use Linkedin by the CEO of the Argentine subsidiary of the French terminal, Pablo Sibila, and later confirmed by the automaker itself.

“For all the fans who are following with interest our most recent project, I share the photo of the first complete Alaskan pick-up that came out of our production line in Santa Isabel today,” said the executive in his personal account, with the I post the photo of the first unit.

The first prototype produced in the line of the Cordovan plant is gray, double cabin, equipped with a 160HP 2.3 turbodiesel engine and a load capacity of one ton.

THE FIRST. The Alaskan already has its first unit manufactured at the Renault plant in the Santa Isabel neighborhood.

At the end of the year, in series

The model that will begin mass production between the end of November and the beginning of December, as the company had anticipated, is part of the global alliance that Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi have to make cars.

For this, the terminals have made an investment of 600 million dollars in the industrial complex located in the south of the city of Córdoba. The project also included the Daimler company, to manufacture the Mercedes Benz X-Class truck, but decided not to carry it out.

In its first year, Renault and Nissan plan to manufacture 40,000 units to be shared between the domestic market and exports.