Who is the trick millionaire who wants to pay more taxes

His particular name appeared in a supposed world list of wealthy people who asked for more tributes and that was published by several of the most prestigious media

Elber Galarga thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, he became a true celebrity on Twitter. This Argentine trick millionaire who was part of a global list of wealthy people who want to pay more taxes became viral overnight, and his fame grew so much that His story came to be published by several of the most prestigious media in the country and in the world.

The mysterious Mr. Elber

Is that the name of this supposed national rich joins other viral pranks that came back in vogue during mandatory isolation, such as the one that worried residents of various localities, including Dolores, in the Province of Buenos Aires.

A month ago, there was a rumor that one such “My stubborn“he walked through the Buenos Aires town, infected with coronavirus.

In the case of Elber Galarga, his story says that he appeared on a list named “Millionaires for Humanity”, made up of 83 wealthy businessmen who asked to make a greater effort in front of Covid-19.

In the letter published with the signatures of all these millionaires (where now they no longer took off the controversial name), an immediate raise of tributes to great fortunes to have resources against the pandemic.

“NOr are we the ones who care for the sick in intensive care rooms. We are not driving the ambulances that will take the sick to the hospitals. We are not replenishing store shelves or delivering food door to door. We have money, a lot. Money that is desperately needed now and will continue to be needed for years to come, as our world recovers from this crisis, “the letter said.

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