The Patagonian ice age: the temperature is 23 degrees below zero and the postcards are incredible

Many times nature gives us amazing phenomena. This is the case of what happens in Patagonia, at this time of year, with extreme temperatures below freezing and constant snowfall. Rivers, lakes and streams are transformed into huge mirrors of ice, incredible glass figures that arouse admiration and surprise to those who may pass through there.

It is the case of the river Pichi Leufu with a long journey through the province of Río Negro, from its source in Bariloche and its mouth at the Piedra del Águila reservoir.

Although it is not the first time that this watercourse of the south rionegrina line presents such an aspect, totally frozen, many years ago this did not happen. By the way the extreme temperatures that reached 23 degrees below zero These winter days allowed to form this amazing postcard. Near the national route 23, which connects Bariloche with the Atlantic coast, some curious people came to the bridge to film and take selfies.

Since the end of June the area has been punished with heavy snow and the severity of low temperatures. hinder the connectivity of towns and cities. Asphalt or gravel roads are the basis of these accumulations of ice and snow, which in many cases are very dangerous to travel. For example, National Route 40 at night, in some sections, is closed. Route 237 that goes to Neuquén also presents a similar panorama.