Markets: Wall Street rises 1% and Argentine stocks, up to 5%, optimistic about advances in a coronavirus vaccine

A debt swap is expected to be the turning point for domestic financial valuations. (EFE)
A debt swap is expected to be the turning point for domestic financial valuations. (EFE)

Abroad, the indicators of Wall Street marked a rise close to 1% at the Dow Jones Industrials, after the lab Moderna announced that its coronavirus vaccine produced antibodies that neutralized COVID-19 disease.

The American laboratory trusted that the people who received the dose developed a quantity of antibodies comparable to that of those who naturally overcome the disease.

The sovereign bonds of Argentina are operated with 0.5% average gain in dollars, in a place that remains focused on news about advances in the restructuring of debt in foreign currency for some 65,000 million dollars, which was recently improved.

“The expectation grows for the possibilities in the coming weeks to achieve a rapprochement with the main creditors’ committees, since otherwise a ‘partial swap’ would be faced, which would leave the ‘holdouts’ balance,” he said. Gustavo Ber, economist at Estudio Ber.

In recent radio statements, the President Alberto Fernández He stated that “we have already made the last effort” and that “we are not going to move from this.”

The Ministry of Economy will exchange debt under local legislation on Friday for a basket of securities with CER adjustment (inflation) in exchange for Letes in dollars and instruments linked to the exchange rate.

“The proposal is acceptable for Letes in dollars, with a decent prize on market prices,” considered the SBS Group.

He risk country of Argentina, measured by the JP Morgan bank, stabilizes in the 2,366 points Basic at 1:20 p.m.

The ADR of Argentine companies that trade in dollars on the New York stock exchanges register profits of up to 5.6%, as in the case of Despegar, the leading online tourism agency in Latin America, a rise underpinned by the expectation of reopening of the economies once the isolation measures against the spread of the coronavirus are overcome.

For its part, the leading share index S&P Merval of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange earn 1.2% at 44,500 units, which accumulates so far this year a rise of 6% in pesos, compared to accumulated inflation of close to 15% in the same period, according to analysts.

The main european bags They closed their sessions with significant gains. Investors and markets were stimulated in the day before the news about a possible vaccine against COVID-19, on the eve of the meeting on monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB).

In London’s ‘City’, the FTSE obtained 1.8%, to 6,292 units. As for the Frankfurt venue, the DAX gained 1.8%, at 12,930 points, and the CAC 40 index in Paris registered a net increase of 2%, to 5,108 points. The FTSE MIB in Milan rose 2% to 20,281 points, while Madrid’s IBEX 35 rose 19% to 7,489 units.


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