“Hugo, hold on, the people rise”: López Obrador endorsed the support for López-Gatell

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The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, again supported the work of the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, which he has carried out during the health emergency due to COVID-19; and he said, “They are throwing everything at him.”

“We support him because they are throwing everything at him. I just remind Hugo to resist: “Hugo, hold on, the people rise,” chanted the Mexican president in support of the undersecretary.

López Obrador also recalled the phrase, which he said is attributed to the constitutional lawyer Ponciano Arriaga.

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“I only remind (López-Gatell) what Ponciano Arriaga said: ‘The more they beat me, the more dignified I feel.”said the president.

On the platform Change.org Since last Sunday, a petition was launched to stop the “slander and defamation against López-Gatell”, which have already been signed by thousands of people.

This Monday the president The Mexican gave López-Gatell a boost and pointed out that “what his adversaries want” is that the Health official no longer appear at conferences, so that they can misinform people.

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“I support Hugo López-Gatell, they know what they want, but nothing else that they will be left wanting, that we do not report, that Dr. Hugo López-Gatell no longer appears, so that they are the ones who prevail with disinformation, with manipulation, with yellowing, then we will continue to inform, “he explained.

López Obrador assured that “the epidemic is losing strength”, and that according to the report they gave him last Friday, on how the situation of COVID-19 is going in the country, only nine of the 32 states are those that have increased the number of positive cases, after the reopening of economic activities began.

“In fact, despite the regrets the pandemic is losing strength, fortunately, I returned from the trip to Washington and on Friday I met with the Health sector to receive the report on how we are doing in terms of the pandemic, and only in 9 of the 32 states there is an increase in the number of infected cases, in 23 states it is already stable or is decreasing. That is very good news ”, he explained

Photo: Government of Mexico (JMM / PRESIDENCIA /)

The Mexican president considered that his opponents “have launched it against Dr. López-Gatell”, since from the beginning they got involved with that purpose.

“From the beginning, our adversaries got involved in this matter with the purpose of doing us political harm; then we have to face the pandemic, which is the most important thing, and at the same time the disinformation, the yellowing of some media that have differences with us, either because they are spokesmen for conservatism or because they no longer have the same treatment as before. They say that what doesn’t sound logical sounds metallic.

So we have to face them and they have launched it against Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, who is a professional of the first order. Hence the one who wants to distort things the Reform, but also The financial, saying that there are more deaths in Mexico than in France and in Italy, the two newspapers. They are half-truths and half-truths are sometimes complete lies, “he said.

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López Obrador called on the population to continue with the sanitary recommendations, in order that there should be no outbreaks.

“We must take care of nothing else that there are no outbreaks, because that has already been presented to us in some states where the pandemic was already on the decline. There was too much relaxation and the contagion rose again“The president admitted last Monday in his morning conference.

“We don’t think there will be regrowths. Of course we have to take care that this does not happen and open little by little, with sanitary measures, with health protocols, and if we see that there is a regrowth somewhere, return to voluntary confinementThen considered.


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