Dollar in Mexico today: quote from the Mexican peso to the US dollar on July 15. USD MXN

At the beginning of the day the American dollar it is quoted at 12:00 a 22.35 Mexican pesos, which implied a decrease of 0.44% compared to the 22.45 Mexican pesos of the previous day.

If we consider the data for the last week, the American dollar records a decrease in 1.3%; although in interannual terms it still maintains a rise in 13.2%. Regarding previous dates, it chains two successive sessions in negative digits. The volatility referring to the last week is lower than the data obtained for the last year (16.88%), showing as a value with less changes than expected in the last days.

In the last year, the American dollar it has been paid at a maximum of 25.36 Mexican pesos, while its lowest level has been 18.53 Mexican pesos. He American dollar it is placed closer to its value than the minimum.

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