Iveco returns to production in August and expands the offer of trucks

After nine months paralyzed, the Iveco factory will return to activity in the first half of August, as anticipated by The voice company spokespersons.

With the resumption of production, suspended since last November, the plant located in the Ferreyra neighborhood will add a new line of trucks. This is the EVO model of the Tector line designed, according to the company, for the national market.

“We continue adding products made by and for Argentines. Our vehicles have high technology, resistance and robustness that allow us to continue accompanying the small and large carrier throughout the country,” said Francisco Spasaro, commercial director of Iveco Argentina.

The first units of the new model had been produced before the suspension of activities in the industrial establishment, so the company decided to launch its marketing now. As indicated by the brand belonging to the CNH Industrial group, the truck can be ordered from the entire dealer network in the country and is financed by the company and third parties.

National Production

The nine vehicle has tractor and rigid versions with a 4×2 configuration of 17 tons of total gross weight and is equipped with a 280 hp 6 cylinder FPT Industrial NEF engine, also manufactured in the complex that CNH has in Córdoba.

It is a segment of trucks in which the company leads the national market.

“Last year we commemorated half a century of uninterrupted production and we started this year with another great achievement that we all built together. This decade of leadership in the segment of more than 16 tons represents a result expected by all, the product of a great effort on the part of the brand and its extensive dealer network, “said Spasaro.

In addition to the Tector line, in its diesel and CNG versions, Iveco manufactures Cursor, Stralis Hi-Road, Hi-Way and Trakker trucks in Córdoba, most of the light and heavy segment.

Difficult situation

The drop in domestic truck demand has hit Iveco hard in the past two years. In 2019, the market for this type of vehicle closed with a reduction of 44 percent, a trend that continued in the first five months of the year, although with a lower magnitude of decline: 34.8 percent less.

The high availability of manufactured units led the company to diagram temporary suspensions on its staff.

In the middle of last May, and according to figures, the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara), Iveco had for sale 2,405 units in stock with which it could cover almost 22 months of commercialization.

In the company they trust that the internal demand will reactivate in the rest of the year. In Brazil, where the company has a plant in Siete Lagos (Minas Gerais state), production resumed in May.

Since the retraction in demand began until December last year, the plant had reduced its workforce by 200 workers. Of the 500 that belong to the company, around 400 are directly related to the production of trucks.

The local units have components provided by 15 metallurgical SMEs, among which there are 1,500 workers.