Soccer.- Pellegrini: “We are a couple of steps below Sevilla, but we are going to get closer”

26 December 2019, England, London: West Ham United manager Manuel Pellegrini is pictured prior to the start of the English Premier League soccer match between Crystal Palace and West Ham United, at Selhurst Park. Photo: John Walton / PA Wire / dpa
26 December 2019, England, London: West Ham United manager Manuel Pellegrini is pictured prior to the start of the English Premier League soccer match between Crystal Palace and West Ham United, at Selhurst Park. Photo: John Walton / PA Wire / dpa


The new Real Betis Balompié coach, Manuel Pellegrini, has assured that his intention is to contribute his experience to the “growth” that the entity is having and, although he believes that this season they are “a couple of steps” behind their maximum rival, Sevilla FC will work to “bring” Betis closer to what their neighbor has done lately, in LaLiga Santander and in Europe.

“We are a couple of steps down, Seville is struggling to be in the ‘Champions’ and Betis has the season finished, but I am concerned about what lies ahead, and I am sure that as an institution we are going to get closer to what the Seville in LaLiga, and that will be with the day-to-day work, “he said in his presentation.

Pellegrini arrives with the intention of completing the three-year contract and then even renew, with the aim of meeting the challenge of improving the team. “Hopefully this is the time that we can be here those three years in a row. I would like Betis to play well, first we have to win. My teams have had a characteristic of being attractive in the proposal, of scoring goals. We are going to try to do a winning team that likes it “, he was sincere.

“Betis is very popular, I have been convinced since I agreed to come that there was a squad with high demands to respond, there are levels of players who can respond at a higher level than until now. The results have not been adequate, there have been apparently advance, and it must go hand in hand with sports results, if it is not very difficult to continue growing, “he acknowledged.

Happy, however, with that squad from which he wants to get the most, he acknowledged that there could be name changes in a “complicated” summer market. “You have to have a winning mentality, Betis must be in European competition because by institution it deserves it. It seems that I have had a great acceptance among the fans, it has to be proven with work,” he said.

“We have to start a new job from the preseason but with a base already made. There may be name changes in the squad, we will have to improve everything and fit in less and score the maximum possible goals. We will do everything possible to have a team balanced and win “, reiterated.

Asked by Joaquín, he celebrated meeting him again. “His career is valued on its own. With 38-39 years he has been able to make differences and score 8 goals in the season, which is no small feat. Happy and happy to direct him again, we spent a season in Malaga. He is happy, He is always important for the dressing room, and seeing him play I have no doubt that he can still contribute things to Betis. He has special merit for staying on the front lines for his quality, “he celebrated.

“I had other offers but I believe in the Betis project, there is an intention to make it grow and it has already grown. And the intention is to continue in that stage of growth and I wanted to contribute my experience to help it, which is the main reason why I am at Betis. It is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to come, “he concluded.

For his part, the Betic president, Ángel Haro, celebrated that Pellegrini has finally given the green light to his signing. “We have a good squad, we need leadership and firm direction to make this group of players become a competitive team where the usual trend is to win. Their arrival is backed by a lot of information, the reports and data we have are conclusive regarding Pellegrini’s convenience as Betis coach, “he added.

“We had been trying for your arrival for years, we are grateful that you have opted for this project. Pellegrini, you have Betis at your beck and call, we are here to provide you with resources and make things easy. You know the Betis fans, nothing is given to them affection, happiness is back. We have between eyebrows to have sporting successes, the demand must be part of the day to day and winning is already an obligation, “he reminded his new coach.

Also the now coach, provisionally, and coordinator of the club’s sports area, Alexis Trujillo, recalled how much Betis tried to have Pellegrini on the bench. “Manuel’s arrival at Real Betis comes after unfortunately things have not gone as we hoped. It has been a pretty bad year in sports. It leads to the termination of the contract of the previous coaching staff and we had to look for the body adequate technician to place our Betis where it deserves “, he added.

“On a personal level, Manuel has some characteristics that we believe are essential to contribute to our squad. Defined personality, great leadership, he brings out good performance to the players. He has problem solving in his blood. On the sports level we see a person dedicated to football fully, training in many teams from different countries. If you look at the teams he has had in the League, Villarreal, Madrid and Malaga, he put those teams to performance and placed them at a very interesting level. He is demanding, “he celebrated.