The buyer of the first Tesla car in Uruguay has 3 problems

The model, manufactured by the company led by Elon Musk, was offered through the Mercado Libre platform in the neighboring country.

Uruguayan automaker Hilton Motors was the one who sold the first Tesla car in Uruguay. The company, which has been working since 1967, imported a Model 3 vehicle from the American factory Tesla of high-end electric cars.

The peculiarity of this operation is that the dealership, which also imports the Suzuki, Subaru and Chana brands, published in Market Free the first Tesla car to be commercialized in the Uruguayan market.

In fact, Mercado Libre indicated that it was the first time that a car of this brand appeared on its website in Uruguay.

The buyer agreed to Model 3 after paying $ 82,900. This version, 100% electric like all Tesla models, has the following technical details:

  • It reaches 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds.
  • It reaches 225 km / h of maximum speed.
  • It has about 400 km of autonomy.
  • 1 fully electric rear drive motor: 100% electric car.
  • Five stars in security.
  • Cameras offering 360 ° vision

The vehicle was sold in Uruguay through Mercado Libre

The three problems facing the new driver

The first problem that the buyer faces is that they should not suffer any collision and should pray that they do not have any technical problem with the car.

It happens that one of the barriers that the vehicle presents is that no service or parts yet of the company in Uruguay. From an agency they explained to El País that “as there are several Tesla in Uruguay, what would be done is to bring a specialized mechanic from Mexico to provide the service

However, the technical service project no date yet “Because, as the first Tesla is just going to arrive, and the second up in a month and a half, it is a new experience and the success that everything will have is unknown. The idea is to be the exclusive importers.”

He another problem has to do with the autonomy: recharging can only be done domestically, since there are no connectors available on the streets as in Europe or the United States, so that at the moment the owner will have difficulties making trips of more than 400 kilometers, which is the autonomy of the vehicle.

The other key point is that the buyer will not be able to enjoy all the benefits that the car offers in the United States. Tesla stands out because its vehicles are autonomous drivingHowever, according to El Observador, in Uruguay this is not possible. Why? From Hilton Motors, they say that since the driving maps are not loaded, that driving mode cannot be activated.

Buyer of the Tesla Model 3 paid $ 82,900

According to Autoblog Uruguay, so far there are only five cars from Elon Musk’s firm in the neighboring country: two of the X model and three of the S model. The peculiarity is that these were imported by individuals; Model 3 was the only one imported by a dealership.

In turn, Hilton Motors reported that it will bring a second car of the same white model. “If everything goes well” with that new vehicle, “the idea is to bring two or three more within three months or so,” they said.

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