You buy a trip and they give you 50% to spend: this is the plan

The Tourist Presales program will allow 30,000 million pesos to be injected into the sector. This will be implemented, as explained by the Government

The program of Tourist Presale prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Minturdep) will inject 30 billion pesos in the sector between August and December of this year, the Undersecretariat for Promotion of that organization reported today.

The Tourist Presale, which will run from August to December, is a plan through which the national government will contribute some 16,500 million pesos through the delivery of a subsidy to tourists equivalent to 50% of the value of the expense that they make when contracting a trip to make between January and December 2021.

Thus, a tourist who spends 100 thousand pesos When buying a future trip in an agency or in a particular way, you can present on a Minturdep website the invoices corresponding for receive 50% of that value on a debit card from the National Bank to use, only in tourist services and throughout 2021.

The Undersecretary for Tourism Promotion of the Minturdep, Andrés Kreymer, explained that “these invoices can be for expenses for the reservation of tickets, hotels, excursions, car rentals or other tourist services and may be used in these services and also in gastronomy.”

Kreymer stressed, according to Télam, that “we are going to invest some 16,500 million pesos to subsidize demand and we estimate that another 13,500 million will be added to this figure to be spent by tourists, so the sector will receive an injection of the order of 30,000 million of pesos. ”

The credit can be used on one to several trips, but always from January 2021 until December of that year“he added.

50% of the value spent may be used in tourist services with a debit card from Banco Nación

The official considered that with this contribution to the demand “the providers will be able to start billing quickly, which will help them overcome the serious crisis they are suffering as a result of the coronavirus.”

The Tourism Presale program is included in the Tourist Emergency project approved last Tuesday by the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

What it will be like to travel post pandemic

The unprecedented impact of coronavirus in the tourist industry generates a question that for many is very difficult to answer: what will the path of the reactivation of the sector be like?

Although various companies in the sector would benefit if some bills were passed in Congress, since Take off point out that one of the keys to the new scenario will be the preference for national destinations, which will be the focus of the proposals they offer to Argentine travelers.

The main tourism trends that will come after the coronavirus are the following:

1. Short trips and nearby destinations

The revival begins with national tourism and Getaways. Confidence regarding health security that provides knowledge about the closest destinations and the most limited budgets determine the preferences of travelers.

Bariloche, Ushuaia, Calafate, Iguazú and Salta are among the most sought after by Argentines to travel from September and, more strongly, in the summer.

Bariloche will be one of the most chosen post-pandemic destinations

Bariloche will be one of the most chosen post-pandemic destinations

2. Outdoor experiences

Travelers will opt for destination activities, mainly related to natural spaces. “Argentina has a large number of destinations that are characterized by their extraordinary natural beauty, some little explored. The post-pandemic stage and the proposals that we have prepared constitute a valuable opportunity for Argentine travelers to travel within the country and discover or revisit beautiful national landscapes, “said Cristi.

3. Flexible reservations, unmissable rates and many fees

The flexibility to reschedule dates in case the client need it is a determining factor in this new stage of tourism.

The company has prepared various options where packages for national destinations stand out, which include flight and accommodation, with opportunity prices that aim to stimulate the sector and make more Argentines travel through Argentina. And, also, the best financing, an aspect highly valued by travelers.

4. Health security

The traveler now has high sanitary standardsTherefore, it demands more information on the health situation and protocols in destinations and from the different providers. Health security is an aspect that will now mark the purchasing decisions of travelers.

5. Travel insurance

Now they will be more demanded by travelers, who see it increasingly necessary to have a tool that provides security in case of any need.

6. Buy online

The pandemic accelerates the preference for online transactions in the tourism sector.

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