Dinsey World reopens just as coronavirus explodes in Florida

In addition to mandatory masks and social distancing, visitors will need reservations to enter the parks

The parks of Walt disney World, with the support of the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, continue with their plans to reopen fully, despite the fact that the so-called “Sun State” registers a notable increase in cases and deaths from coronavirus.

Contrary to federal guidelines that states must see a decrease in the number of 14-day cases, Florida has promoted the reopening of businesses and schools, mainly perhaps its main attraction, Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando. .

An average day at the complex with four theme parks welcomes about 250,000 visitors, according to the Thematic Entertainment Association, quoted today by NBC News.

All Disney parks in Orlando (just like in California) closed in mid-March when the pandemic began to spread throughout the United States.

Now those operating in Florida reopened with a set of new security measures designed to prevent further spread of the virus.

In addition to the mandatory masks and social distancing, visitors will need reservations to enter the parks. Even to enter the park, guests and employees must pass a temperature control, according to Télam.

All Disney parks in Orlando, like California, had closed in mid-March

In the midst of a political dispute over the real dimension of the pandemic and the need to impose more important preventive and restrictive measures, President Donald Trump reinforced his relaxed speech in the face of the health crisis and decided to visit Florida on Saturday, one of the most hit states, whose governor refuses to stop the economic reopening.

According to official figures, only in the last couple of weeks, the number of hospitalizations grew by 74% in county Miami-Dade -where Trump was-, 88% if only intensive therapy is taken into account and 123% the use of automatic respirators.

The positivity rate – that is, the number of positive cases over the number of tests performed – is currently 28%, when the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that it should be around 10%.

The state of Florida, the fourth in number of cases of COVID-19 in the United States, surpassed again this Saturday the 10,000 new confirmed by adding 10,383 in 24 hours, to reach the total of 254,511 infected people already 4,197 deaths of residents associated with the new coronavirus. +

Florida parks reopened with set of new coronavirus security measures

However, Florida Governor and close Trump ally, Republican Ron DeSantis, reiterated today that “There is no reason not to continue advancing” with the economic reopening.

The governor, like other Trump allies, also clarified before the press that he agrees with the president and asked that in September, at the beginning of the school year, schools be opened normally, something that the unions of teachers, epidemiologists and specialists in education they have rejected.

Florida, Texas and California are the three most populous states in the United States and all three have a contagion curve in full swing at least two weeks ago.

Texas registered 9,765 new cases and 95 deaths in the last hours this Saturday, bringing the total to 240,111 and 3,013, respectively, according to the CNN news network.

California, meanwhile, today added almost 7,800 cases and 140 deaths, bringing the total to almost 304,300 and 6,851, respectively.

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