Coronavirus in Argentina | 60% of the City’s cases are concentrated in nine neighborhoods

The City of Buenos Aires is the second district in the country most affected by the coronavirus. According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, it accumulates 36,530 positives since the beginning of the pandemic, behind the Buenos Aires territory that already accounts for 49,914. Of the total number of infections, 60% are concentrated in nine Buenos Aires neighborhoods and communes 1, 4, 7 and 8 are the most affected by the disease.

According to the epidemiological bulletin published this Saturday, nine Buenos Aires neighborhoods accumulate a total of 21,048 cases of coronavirus. Of these, seven are located in the southern area of ​​the district.

With 4454 active cases, Flores leads the ranking of the neighborhoods with the most infected people. The list is completed with Retiro (3123), Villa Lugano (3104), Barracas (2778), Balvanera (2172), Villa Soldati (1728), Palermo (1292), Almagro (1240) and Nueva Pompeya (1157).

“The realization of mobile devices of active search in neighborhoods in the southern area de la Ciudad increases the incidence of positive cases in these areas, “said the report referring to DetectAR operations, which seek close contacts of patients to isolate and contain the spread of the virus.

The ranking of the neighborhoods with the most cases

Flores has 13% of the district’s COVID-19 patients, with almost half of the cases in the Padre Ricciardelli neighborhood (exvilla 1.11.14), which exceeds 2000 infections.

While, Retirement concentrates 9%, with incidence from the Padre Carlos Mugica neighborhood (exvilla 31), which accounts for more than half of these infections.

“The increase in Retirement is due to the grouping of cases in the Barrio Padre Mugica (product of the increase in notification and active search), which presents most of the notifications,” explained the health document released weekly by the Buenos Aires Government.

Villa Lugano, with 9% of the cases, and Barracas, with 8%, complete the neighborhoods with the highest incidence of coronavirus.

Balvanera, which accumulates 6%, Villa Soldati, with 5%, Palermo and Almagro, with 4% each and Nueva Pompeya, with 3%, join the list.