If you had bought an apartment 30 years ago, this would be worth today

Those who invested in bricks three decades ago were able to make a good difference, despite the drop in the price of a square meter in the past year

The purchase and sale of real estate became the traditional investment with higher return in the country in last three decades, according to an analysis prepared by the consulting firm Fernando Marull y Asociados, which placed second place to sovereign bonds and third place to fixed terms in pesos.

“The bottom line is that there is a clear winner in the last three decades: the brick. If in 1993 US $ 100 was invested in real estate, today we have US $ 350, yielding about 10% per year in dollars“the report stated, based on the analysis of the performance of four traditional assets in the country.

“After the steepest decline in the 2002 crisis (it fell 50%, reaching a price of US $ 380 per m2), from there property prices have maintained the upward trend: they avoided the international crisis (2009), stabilized during the 2011-2015 stocks and resumed the upward trend from 2015 to the beginning of 2019, “he added.

Ranking of traditional investments with the highest yield in the country

Tips from the experts when investing

“The neighborhoods most sought after by investors are the classic ones: Puerto Madero, Recoleta or Palermo. But the need for cash from developers to maintain their main businesses means that many opportunities arise. In any case, We advise the purchase of opportunities in finished works, that can be deeded, “says Horacio Ludigliani, real estate advisor.

In search of Better opportunities, town Soldati and Coghlan recorded the biggest price drops, with -9.8% and -8.5% year-on-year, respectively. Complementing this information, according to the report, Lugano, Mouth and Park Patrick They are the best neighborhoods for investors looking for income, according to ZonaProp.

For Alberto Fernández Prieto, president of the firm that bears his surname, “areas like Barracks and Montserrat they are positioning themselves for their connectivity with the Buenos Aires center, the development and improvement of the infrastructure in the area, and above all its attractive sales values. Other neighborhoods that we see with great potential for expansion are Schoolboys, Almagro and Villa Urquiza, for his commercial growth, the offer of public transport and green spaces “.

This specialist also highlights the effect caused by the new rental law. “This lowers profitability a lot, so many homeowners prefer to sell rather than rent, increasing the supply of units much more,” says Ludigliani.

The best opportunities are in Villa Soldati, Coghlan, Lugano, La Boca and Parque Patricio

This is reflected in the searches published today in Mercado Libre: 90% of the ads are for sale and only 10% for rent. Additionally, as a result of the pandemic, 42% of property searches include outdoor space.

In this sense, according to Diego Gonzalo Currais, General Coordinator of Grupo Portland, “views and proximity to green spaces will be decisive. Within the neighborhoods themselves, the development of less dense areas will tend. It would be arbitrary to define it by streets, even more knowing that certain consumption habits may vary and modify commercial areas as we have known them up to now “.

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