How to make Rogel cake easy and cheap

The Rogel cake is a typical sweet dish from Argentina. It has its origins in the 19th century, and started as a alfajor. In a few steps you will have an ideal dessert to entertain your friends.


– 1 dozen empanada tapas, if they are the best rotisserie.

– 1, 5 kilos of dulce de leche pastry.

– 4 egg whites.

– 200 grams of common sugar.

Step by Step

– Stretch each empanada lid, without breaking, reaching approximately 18/20 cm maintaining the circular shape.

– Preheat the oven 180 degrees.

– Put on a baking sheet each lid for 5 to 7 minutes. Before putting them puncture them with a fork so that they do not inflate. They should not be browned.

– Once the twelve tapas are done, intersperse them with the dulce de leche.

– For the Swiss meringue, place the sugar and the whites in a double boiler in a suitable bowl so that it can withstand heat. Beat by hand until the sugar dissolves and then continue with an electric mixer until the container where the mixture is cold.

– The meringue will be ready when peaks form that maintain their shape. Once it is finished, place it on top of the last layer of the rogel (in the preferred way).

– To serve it you do not need cold.

Helpful tips

– If you want the dough to be homemade, mix 250 grams of 0000 flour, 200 cc of milk cream and a pinch of salt. Separate into buns, stretch, prick and cook.

– He Swiss meringue It is the easiest and the one with the fewest steps, but it can be replaced by Italian if it is not to your liking.

– The more layers you have, the better. This cake stands out for its height.

– The water bath consists of putting a pot smaller than the bowl with boiling water and above (without touching the water) the bowl. With the steam and the smoothie, the sugar melts and the whites are cooked. Do not stop stirring.

– Dulce de leche must be pastry chef to maintain consistency.

It is not necessary put the cake on the refrigerator as long as it is consumed in the day.