how to collect at Banco Nación

The bank asked the beneficiaries of the Anses IFE bond to wait for a confirmation from the Anses before asking for a turn to collect

Many are the beneficiaries of the Anses IFE voucher who collect this social security benefit through Banco Nación. The entity, which stands out for its extension in the Argentine territory, reported that those who collect the IFE bonus of $ 10,000 at its facilities (mainly ATMs), they must wait for the confirmation of the payment date established in the ANSES schedule to manage the shift through the web.

In this way, Banco Nación requested that beneficiaries not anticipate taking turns until the collection date has been defined. This, because “the system allows the reservation of shifts to 10 working days and the advance management of the same hinders the normal operation of the web shift system.”

In addition, he recalled that the branches do not serve their clients or social beneficiaries without prior shifts. Because of this, he advised going to the branch only when that requirement has been met. In addition, the bank had a special website where more information can be accessed. You are at:

Banco Nación: the entity asks not to go to branches without an appointment.

How the payment of the second round of the Anses IFE bond continues

The schedule of the second payment for IFE beneficiaries, which started on July 2 last, was interrupted during the long weekend of July 9 and 10 with the aim of preventing large numbers of people from concentrating at ATMs these days. .

“The money deposited in previous days will be kept in the account of each of the beneficiaries“ANSES recalled in a statement.

Then, it continues from Monday the 13th until the 17th of this month. The payment day is established by order of the DNI termination number.

After the bridge holiday, payments will be resumed on Monday, July 13 for IDs ending in 5; on Tuesday the 14th, at 6; Wednesday 15, at 7; Thursday the 16th, at 8; and Friday 17, at 9.

When the third installment of the ANSES IFE Bonus of $ 10,000 is paid

The third IFE will then take effect from August, once this month’s schedule is complete.

Three weeks ago, ANSES put into operation on its website (, the application to channel payments through the banking system, in order to make the process “faster and safer “, so it will continue to be enabled pending more people to complete the procedure in the coming days. The possibility that this is the only alternative to collect the benefit is analyzed.

In the case of not having a bank account, beneficiaries may request it free of charge at any entity, both through digital applications and personally, requesting a shift in advance, as established by the quarantine that governs the coronavirus pandemic.

To know all the delivery dates of the 10,000 pesos voucher, you can enter from My Anses or from the agency’s page: enter the “Emergency Family Income” section and enter the DNI number.

The pension body reported that the payment of this second IFE, all beneficiaries must have a CBU key or Bank account “in order to make it faster, more efficient and safer”, for this reason the entity will give time until 17 July to enter it.

What happens if I don’t report a CBU ahead of time

In case of not selecting any of the CBUs reported, or entering any other alternative, Anses will communicate via SMS after the first week of July to inform how the IFE payment will be made.

Anses informs me a CBU that I do not recognize

These are pre-existing beneficiary accounts that have been discontinued but are still enabled. They should call the bank where it belongs, and they can select it to collect the 10000 bonus.

I did not select a CBU but Anses selected a payment date for me

In the next days Anses will be informing the bank and the specific branch where the IFE will be collected.

There is little time left to communicate the CBU to collect the IFE

There is little time left to communicate the CBU to collect the IFE

Date and place of collection of the ANSES IFE Bond

To know all the days of collection of the emergency bonus you must enter My Anses, or from the website

Enter the Emergency Family Income section and enter the DNI number to know the day and a half of collection.

Free account for the ANSES IFE Bonus

To select this payment method, you must enter the application “Emergency Family Income – Payment consultation” found on the home of the Anses website (

Those who already have a bank account, ANSES will show you the number of CBU, bank and branch where the IFE will be deposited and, for those who have two or more accounts, they will be able to choose in which CBU, bank and branch the money will be deposited. .

In the case of not having a bank account, they must request a free account, quickly and easily, completing some forms through different applications that have both public and private banks.

ANSES intends that all IFE beneficiaries be banked

ANSES intends that all IFE beneficiaries be banked

How to do the procedure

Beneficiaries of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) who currently do not have a Uniform Bank Code (CBU), already have various ways to open a bank account for free, with very few steps and without having to go to a branch.

He National Bank offers to do it through its “App Banco Nación” which, once downloaded, will ask for personal data (name, ID, date of birth and email) and, once that step is completed, enables the opening of a savings bank with the option “Online Applications”.

Opening an account with the Santander Bank It can also be done through the cell phone by entering its website (, which will only ask the user for a photo of the front and back of their ID to validate their identity and enable a new account.

“We are thinking of offering an additional benefit to those who open their accounts without going to a branch, which are currently open for account opening, to encourage the digitization of these processes“, indicated from Santander.

Banco Macro also allows the opening of an account from the cell phone and only with the DNI and a selfie by entering the “Become a Client” tab on its website and a few steps.

For his part, the Galicia Bank offers its “Galicia Move” platform that offers a savings bank in pesos, in dollars, a debit card and an application, only by completing the data required on its website:

Within public banking there are also similar options as with the Bank province, which enabled the opening of a new account through the “DNI Account” application, a process similar to that of Banco de Córdoba through its “Bacón” app, both available for download through the Play Store.

Accounts can also be opened digitally with Banco Itaú, which has the “Open your account” platform with which, by completing personal information, uploading a selfie and the ID photo, an opening of a new account is enabled instantly.

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