Today’s horoscope, Thursday, July 9, 2020


A day with a good streak, procedures and applications that go smoothly and easily. Good Thursday Arians, eager to see you move forward and to propose better attitudes in the future and on a daily basis. Try to stay happy.

Moment: coral colored.


They could reach long-term agreements that would grant them a new financial stage. Take advantage of this high energy day to streamline other issues that are waiting. It is all a matter of will. Life depends on ourselves.

Moment: bright yellow.


Do not hesitate too much on this day with the possibility of being very right in the face of important procedures that must be carried out. You don’t always have to wait or tolerate non-conforming responses. Pronouncing is important, fighting is vital.

Moment: fuchsia color.


Simple day in which they will see some results of situations that matter to them. Day of peace and emotional improvement accompanied by encouraging job news. Intense family moment with fruitful dialogues and joint projects.

Moment: silver color.


Pay leonine attention to the events of the day, they could present delays or lack of answers. Do not overwhelm your thoughts and know how to wait. Things are headed in love, with harmonious couples and clear dialogues.

Moment: Pink color.


They embrace new ideas that encourage them to look more freely at the future. Try not to get scared and do your best to know how to expect things to improve. Everything will be on track, do not hesitate. Apply your intelligence to positive things.

Moment: emerald color.


Librians in a day with good attunement to face the problems or issues that come up. They notify them of procedures or procedures that they must do. Good appearance on this Jupiterian day with a broad contribution to just things, you will see something awaiting you arrive.

Moment: sealing wax.


Scorpios working day with enough trouble in the area of ​​activities with unforeseen events and intellectual demand. Seduction in such an especially sensual sign should be more exposed with your partners. Let go of everyday problems. Live.

Moment: strawberry color.


Arqueritos on this day could come good news financially. Possibilities of paying or reducing debts. Try to eat healthier and avoid temptations.

Moment: cinnamon colored.


There are attitudes that must be put to work and change them. Stubbornness is one. Capricorns reason is not one-sided, recognizing and assuming that helps us to live more elastic and light. Meditation day and internal connection.

Moment: turquoise color.


Sometimes we have a hard time taking full responsibility for our stuff. Loosening would not be the option but thinking that everything can go its natural way and that we must do what we can. Relaxing does not mean being irresponsible. Quiet.

Moment: mint color.


Sympathy and communion in couples. Today they interpret the day wanting to be well and to do things together. Labor issues with certain complications that will diminish over time. Calm down and let things settle down.

Moment: pink in color.