The lavish house in which Lázaro Báez will live after paying bail

The Kirchner businessman will leave the Ezeiza prison to go to a house in the private Ayres de Pilar neighborhood, although he must use an electronic ankle brace

As soon as you gather the 632 million pesos set for bail, the Kirchner businessman Lázaro Báez will leave the Ezeiza prison to go to a house in the private neighborhood Ayres de Pilar, located at kilometer 43.5 of the Panamericana.

This will be so because the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 4 arranged his release in the cause that is followed by money laundering and, although he will leave prison, he will continue to serve preventive detention at home, in the framework of another file.

As for his next home, which he would go to live with his partner, it is a house with tile roofs, about 250 square meters covered and a lot that exceeds 800 square meters, where there is also a large pool.

Located in Lot 37, in the La Arboleda neighborhood, it is priced at around 450 thousand dollars according to the registered fiscal value.

But his neighbors do not agree with the arrival in his neighborhood of businessman K, who will serve his house arrest there.

Located in Lot 37, in the La Arboleda neighborhood, is where businessman K would go to live with his current partner

Dozens of country residents protested at the door of the private neighborhood and approached the entrance to reject Baez’s arrival at the site. Some showed their anger by hitting the saucepans, while others accompanied with applause.

However, it remains to wait for the payment of the deposit. Lázaro Báez’s defense, made up of Elizabeth Gasaro and Juan Martín Villanueva, asked the Federal Oral Court 4 to set a new lower surety amount.

“We ask him for a surety that can be objectively met and also an insurance (surety),” Villanueva said in remarks.

For his part, Gasaro said they hope that the Court will resolve this request in the next few hours and that the release can be made effective.

Although he may leave the prison, the judges ruled that Báez must submit to the care of the Assistance Program for People Under Electronic Surveillance of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, through the placement of an electronic GPS monitoring device, with a radius of 100 kilometers around the reported place of residence.

In addition to the bond, they imposed an obligation to appear in court every 15 days and the retention of your passport and prohibition to issue new ones in your name, plus the prohibition of leaving the country.


Lázaro Báez will leave the Ezeiza prison as soon as he pays the bail

In the same ruling, judges Jorge Gorini, Néstor Costabel and Daniel Obligado made it known that the release of the charged “will not be effective under house arrest, ordered on March 18 of the current year, in case 3017/2013” called “Báez, Lázaro and others s / cover-up and others”, so you must meet the guidelines imposed and will remain in preventive detention, but in a home.

The resolution was adopted after the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber annulled an earlier ruling on Wednesday in which the businessman had been rejected the benefit of release and the the home prison requested by his defense, despite the favorable opinions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, the chambers noted that the plaintiff in the case, the Financial Information Unit (FIU), “did not appear” to the hearing set to debate the issue.

On June 19 last, the Court that judges Báez for money laundering, and is in charge of preparing another trial for other facts related to the same crime, refused to release the businessman despite the tax proposal in favor of granting the benefit with ankle brace electronics.

“The appealed decision has been issued in excess of the claim of the prosecutor, who presented his favorable position to the proposal made by the defense,” Cassation warned when annulling it.

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