Coronavirus.- China confirms one more day without cases of coronavirus in Beijing

07/09/2020 A Chinese citizen submits to the COVID-19 test.

BEIJING, 9 (Xinhua / EP)

The Chinese Ministry of Health has reported on Thursday that nine other cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, although none of them has been in Beijing, where the last outbreak occurred that affected 335 people, of which thirty have already managed to recover from the disease.

The total balance of accumulated cases in China is 83,581. Likewise, the number of deceased remains at 4,634, while the number of people who have recovered has risen to 78,590, after the last thirty patients who have left hospitals this Wednesday.

Health authorities have added that 357 people are still admitted, five of them in serious condition. Similarly, 3,840 people who have maintained close contact with someone affected continue under medical observation.

After the last nine cases from abroad, the Ministry of Health has counted a total of 1,958 imported, adding those registered in the provinces of Liaoning, Canton and Sichuan, as well as those of Shanghai.

Of the total number of patients arriving from other countries, 1,884 have been discharged after overcoming the disease, but there are still 74 who remain hospitalized, although none are in serious condition.

Finally, regarding Hong Kong and Macao, the Chinese Ministry of Health has highlighted that they account for a total of 1,323 cases –24 more than the previous day– and 46, respectively.