Coronavirus | Carla Vizzotti said that “any cold is COVID-19” and Ginés González García clarified those sayings

Carla Vizzotti, one of the most important officials in the fight against coronavirus, recommended that those who have cold Consult the doctor because this table could be a positive case of the virus. “Any cold we have this winter is coronavirus until proven otherwise, “said Wednesday the secretary of Access to Health in the daily report of the disease.

Health Minister Ginés González García clarified the meaning of the official’s statements. “What he meant was that not to be underestimated mild symptoms. Today we have many who have mild symptoms and are eventually transmitters, “he said.

Vizzotti spoke of the need to consult the health system before possible symptoms of the disease in a preventive way, to avoid possible contagion from the virus. He said that when looking for close contacts “a frequent situation is that people with mild symptoms they would not have consulted if they did not go home. “He considered that” they do not rank a cold as coronavirus. “

Stating that “any cold in winter is coronavirus until proven otherwise” said that it is “a huge concept for do not underestimate the situation and consult the health system to be able to define if the analysis is positive, protect and isolate that person, “to reduce the circulation of the virus.” Our role in interrupting transmission is key, “he said.

He explained that there are people who have mild symptoms and that when consulted by doctors they respond that they have “a cold, a little sore throat, a little fever.” He said that in the respiratory virus surveillance between week 1 and 22 “of the 17,741 samples that tested positive for respiratory infection, 95% were positive for COVID-19 and only 2% tested positive for adenovirus, 2% influenza, and 1% parainfluenza. positive”.

González García: “Vizzotti meant that mild symptoms should not be underestimated”

The Health Minister clarified the scope of the official’s statements. He said he meant that “mild symptoms should not be underestimated” and that there are many people “who have coronavirus but rule it out.” He warned that COVID-19 “is the virus that circulates the most at the moment”, in dialogue with A24.

In the dead of winter, he said that the country is going through the most critical moment because of the pandemic. “We are at a hard peak, at a difficult time, of significant case growth,” he said. He announced that next week the effects of the strict quarantine will be seen in the metropolitan area, the area with the most cases of COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Argentina outnumbered China, whose city Wuhan is the epicenter of the disease. According to official data, in the last 24 hours, 3604 new cases, the highest number since the pandemic was declared. The total number of infections reached 87,030, a figure that exceeded the number of infected in the Asian country.

What did Fernán Quirós think

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, did not want to argue with the Secretary of Health. This Wednesday in Two Voices She said that she spoke with the official about her phrase in which she indicated that this winter, in the midst of the pandemic, “any cold is coronavirus until proven otherwise”: “Strictly, she insisted a lot that if someone has a symptom , no matter how minor, do not underestimate it and consider that you may have coronavirus. That is the spirit of what she wanted to communicate. I have discussed it with her and she explained it to me very well. That look is reasonable

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it spread (Infographic:
What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it spread (Infographic: