They went to the La Plata biopark and recorded TikToks: “On vacation here at the zoo, dad”

The authorities of the Municipality of La Plata they will criminally denounce a group of young people who illegally entered the exzoological estate converted into a Biopark and filmed TikToks in full coronavirus quarantine. The boy who claimed to have recorded the images said he did so “to show how the animals are.”

In the videos that went viral, you can see how young people they tried to get into some cages. “On vacation here at the zoo, dad” one of them said as he prepared to enter the ostrich area and steal an egg. “Here the goal is to go and grab the egg … I screwed up the rhea,” said the young man.

The images also show the moment when one of the teenagers heard a voice on the property and decided to hide so that the municipal staff would not see him. They also recorded how they approached a boar’s cage and they tried to stick their fingers through the wiring.

Brandon, the young man who claimed the video recording, acknowledged this Wednesday in statements to Telefe than “illegally entered” the place, but he justified the breach of quarantine by pointing out that he has a circulation permit as an “audiovisual creator”.

“I did it to show how the animals are”, Held. However, later he recognized that many of the images uploaded to the networks they were over 30 weeks old.

From the commune they indicated that a tiger that appears in one of the videos left in December 2019, within the framework of the Zoo’s conversion plan to Biopark. “So it cannot be confirmed that the images were filmed during the quarantine,” they told Telam.

The property has 16 hectares and has 60 employees per shift who maintain the facilities. The authorities clarified that the animals they have all the care they need. “The team makes a great effort to work even during compulsory social isolation,” they said.

Since June 4, 2018, the zoo closed its doors and the movement of animals began: there are already more than 120 who have recovered their freedom. Currently, the Municipality is working on a reconversion and reopening project of the property, under a program of conservation, education and research of species.

“There is 24 hour security and controls were tightened because the presence of intruders was verified. The municipal authorities, together with the team of professionals who work at the Biopark, repudiate this type of action, “said the Municipality. “Progress will be made with the legal area to initiate actions and that what happened be investigated, “they confirmed.