Santander changes cards to remove American Airlines logo

From August 13 the credit and financial institution will stop adding miles in the AAddvantage loyalty program with its cards

The bank Santander began sending new cards to its customers who added miles in the AAdvantage program of the American airline American Airlines, regardless of the expiration date of those plastics.

This was reported by the blog Sir Chandler, who published photographs of the plastics that they gave to the editor of this site last year, which said Santander Río and now simply say Santander and the Black below. The Santander logo went to the right side, where the American plane used to be.

Santander reported that from August 13 it will stop adding miles in AAddvantage with its cards. Banco Santander cards will no longer add in the AADvantage program in Argentina. All those cards will add up Superclub points.

End point to an alliance

American Airlines always added with CITI, but when they sold personal banking to Santander, it obviously went that way. “But it was not many years of this operation, less than four,” says a travel blog.

The program of American Airlines it is very strong in Argentina and Santander It is one of the private banks that are on the podium of clients in the country.

New agreement between American Airlines and Santander

American Airlines and Santander no longer earn miles

Now it only remains then with Aerolineas Argentinas adding BBVA with LATAM PASS and a group of banks with ARPLUS. Thus Santander goes fully with its Super Club as Galicia does with Quiero.

American Airlines: Do you resume flights in Argentina?

American Airlines updated its resumption of flights with many countries in the world and in a section of Latin America it can be confirmed that flights from Miami and New York with Ezeiza return on September 9, so that from Argentina they would be from 10 of that month.

Confirmed American Airlines flights.

Confirmed American Airlines flights.

The places lacking in detail are Dallas and Los Angeles, but it is estimated that they will start on October 25, with Dallas daily and LAX three weekly. The one from Córdoba has already been ruled out.

Another of the airlines that confirms that it will continue to operate with Argentina is KLM.

Brazil has a return from MIA and JFK in early August, but from DFW only in late October.

It remains to be seen which planes will return to the country, whether it will be a majority of 777-200 or if there is a possibility of 777-300 to Miami (which does not say how many flights there will be).

On the other hand, the Argentine Government announced that flights will resume in the country on September 1 and tickets can be purchased

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