Mauricio Macri reappeared: “The Government has tried in the pandemic to advance liberties”

The ex-president Mauricio Macri It reappeared publicly for the first time during the coronavirus crisis, and after four months of silence, and charged against the government of Alberto Fernández, of whom he assured “that he has tried to advance on freedoms”, in reference to the “independence of powers, the functioning of Justice and private property”.

“I am more than ever. Closer to Argentines than ever. I am trying to give a space to the government that was chosen by 48% of Argentines to put into play what they think, their proposals, their solutions. I’m just (trying to) raise my hand and say ‘careful, don’t advance on our freedoms, do things on what is the institutional framework ‘“Macri said, interviewed by the journalist Álvaro Vargas Llosa for the series” La otra mirada de Latinoamérica “.

These are the first statements by the founder of PRO since the pandemic took over the public agenda. His last exhibition had been in the first days of March, in a cycle with other political leaders in Guatemala, in which he took the opportunity to lash out against “populism”: “It is more dangerous than the coronavirus,” he added at the time.

Later he had some sporadic appearances but only through his Twitter account, referring to specific issues.

“Unfortunately we have seen a government that has attempted in the pandemic to advance on those freedoms. (This) It has generated an active and strong reaction from society, which has mobilized to express itself against these abuses and advances. The opposition is also consolidated in the defense of these freedoms ”, remarked the former president.

In this regard, the former head of state warned: “The pandemic should not be confused with a tool to affect our freedoms, starting with the freedom of expression, the independence of powers, the functioning of Justice or private property ”.

Macri also dedicated a few minutes of the talk with the son of the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa to refer to the quarantine, which has been going on for more than a hundred days. The former president, positioned in the so-called “hard sector” of Together for Change, is critical of the management of the health crisis by the Frente de Todos, as transcended from his environment.

“There has to be a balance between health prevention and people’s mental and occupational health. You do not have to be carried away by fear and intuition to make decisions at times like these, but by the data ”he stressed.

And he added: “In this type of crisis is where you see the countries that have an efficient, transparent state, governments that work accordingly, that react quickly to test, to prevent, to arm the health system. And you see those who are not, those who are, in an anarchic way, like slapping their hands ”.

Regarding his role in Argentine politics for the future, Mauricio Macri hinted that he will continue to be active and leading Together for Change: “I have an absolute commitment to my country. I love my country, it is my country and I am a fervent defender of liberties, of the people’s ability to choose. In that battle I am, I am committed ”.

“My first task today is strengthen the unity of Together for Change, strengthen all the leaderships that are emerging, that the space grows from the volume of its leaders. That is my main task. I will continue trying to help these talents grow, that we have many leaders capable of defending our flags, ”he said.

Likewise, he declared himself “very optimistic” for the medium and long term in Argentina and throughout Latin America, although he clarified that “very difficult situations are going to be experienced in the short term.” “Citizens today have the courage to express themselves without fear, to defend their opportunities, to believe in the culture of work and in self-improvement”, Held.