What will happen now with the fortune of Fabián Gutiérrez: the Federal Chamber must define if it maintains an embargo of $ 900 million

Beyond the emotional impact and the arrest for the notebooks, Fabián Gutiérrez was more concerned about the cause of money laundering. In that file, Judge Claudio Bonadio – the same one that had dismissed him in 2011 for illicit enrichment – seized his assets up to $ 900 million. He also prosecuted his mom and half sister. With Gutiérrez’s death, his fortune and his inheritance depend on the future of that cause, where 36 properties, 35 luxury cars, and three boats were identified. As he could Infobae From judicial sources, the Federal Chamber is preparing to resolve appeals. There will be a definition before the end of the month. “(Gutiérrez’s) assets may remain seized“Warned a judicial source. And in the future they could end up being confiscated.

The investigation into Gutiérrez’s assets began in 2017 in the Marcelo Martínez De Giorgi court, due to a complaint by the Financial Information Unit (UIF), and ended up attached to the cause of the bribery notebooks, where the former secretary is processed and sent to oral trial. After Bonadio’s death, the file was returned to Martínez De Giorgi.

That house is the only property that was returned to its current owner, businessman Diego Riestra. According to Gutiérrez’s version, he was a tenant of the previous owner, Germán Rodríguez. Bonadio did not believe him because the house was secured in the name of the former secretary. “The insurance was in the name of Gutiérrez, but he had endorsed it in the name of Rodríguez,” said Rodríguez’s lawyer, Mariano Pinciroli.

The truth is that they all ended up being prosecuted.

After an intense judicial battle, Chamber I of the Federal Chamber – integrated in this case by Pablo Bertuzzi and Leopoldo Bruglia – returned the house to Riestra as a judicial depositary. That businessman now has a dispute with Rodríguez about the balance of the price in dollars.

For Bonadio, a large part of Gutiérrez’s fortune came from the money in the bags collected by Roberto Baratta with the driver Oscar Centeno.

The situation regarding the future of the assets is very complex because her mother, Teresa Amalia García, who would be the natural heir, unless Gutiérrez has left a will, is also being prosecuted. as co-author of the crime of laundering. The woman appears linked in several real estate and commercial operations of her son.

If the case progresses and goes to trial, the assets could end up being seized and auctioned so that the money returns to the State, as was arranged with some of Daniel Muñoz’s properties. In that case, there could be a conflict with the estate, a source in his defense admitted.

Gutiérrez’s mother is not the only direct family member prosecuted in that case. Also appears the couple of his mother, Carlos Mario Cesar Siverino; his half sister, Alejandra Martinovich; and his partner, Matías Lazzaro Raimondo.

“In general, the assets remain guarded as long as other people are prosecuted as co-authors of the act,” explained a judicial source on the immediate future of the fortune of the former presidential secretary. The embargo that Bonadio ordered at the time on Gutiérrez reaches the sum of $ 900 million. In the case of the mother and half sister it is $ 700 million.

Yesterday, a group of deputies from the Civic Coalition asked Judge Martínez de Giorgi to adopt some measure to preserve the assets. But before that the Federal Chamber must express an opinion.

Another of the defendants is the businessman Oscar Nuñez, owner of the hotel “Comercio”, who would have bought this venture from Javier De La Torre. For Bonadio, the operation was a facade to hide that the true owner is the former secretary.

Nuñez never lost contact with Gutiérrez. In fact, last week they crossed messages on the Instagram network, according to what this medium could know. Cristina’s former secretary told him that he was “happy” and that “he had many projects”.

Gutiérrez’s real estate

one. In 2008, Gutiérrez bought two lots on Calle 603-1083 in El Calafate (Santa Cruz) and donated them to his nephews.

two. In 2011, it acquired a property located at 1320 Néstor Kirchner Avenue, in Río Gallegos, right next to the Hotel Comercio, where he worked as a “manager”. The businessman Oscar Núñez assures that he is the owner of the hotel and that Gutiérrez stopped working when he bought it from Javier De La Torre. For Bonadio, the operation was a facade to hide that the true owner is the former secretary.

3. In May 2012, the former secretary purchased a property located at Ángel Biancella 1475 (Río Gallegos) for the sum of $ 200,000. A year and a half later it was sold to the firm “Mural SA raffle agency” for $ 800,000.

Four. In May 2012, he also bought a property on 124 Santiago Perkic Street, in El Calafate, for $ 150,000. When he raided that place, the Justice detected that Luis Semprini lived and the rents were collected by Gutiérrrez’s mother.

5. At the end of 2012, Gutiérrez acquired another property at 436 Chacabuco Street (Río Gallegos) for the sum of $ 1,029,000.

6. In July 2013, he bought a property of almost 1,000 m2 in the Santa Cruz capital. He paid less than $ 30,000, according to the documentation on the record.

7. In October 2013, he bought a property of almost 12,000 m2 on 4851 Presidente Alfonsín street, in Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego). From the hijacked documentation, it appears that he paid $ 100,000 per transfer and another $ 412,000 with six checks from Banco Patagonia.

8. In 2013, he acquired another property in El Calafate that he ended up selling to his mother for $ 200,000, with a profit of almost 1900% in less than three years.

9. In 2015, he bought a property in El Calafate for the sum of $ 500,000, which he ended up selling it days later to Leonardo Daviglos.

10. Also in 2015, it acquired a property on Laura Del Carmen Álvarez 265 street, in El Calafate, where it works “Hopscotch Events”, A room for children’s events registered in the name of her sister, Valeria Martinovich.

eleven. Another operation in the sights of Justice is the exchange of a department in Capital for a property in 936 Gobernador Gregores street (El Calafate). As a striking fact, the department that belonged to Gutiérrez was rented to the Electroingenieria firm.

12. In 2009, Gutiérrez acquired the property located on Avenida October 17, 2320 (El Calafate), which he then sold to Jorge Luis Mozo for $ 1,175,000. What is striking is that four years later, the property ended up in the hands of Luis Alejandro Semprini. In addition, Gutiérrez’s mother collected a rent when it was allegedly not from her son.

13. One of the most important assets is located in the private neighborhood “Highland Park Country Club”, in Pilar. Although it was not in his name, Gutiérrez assured him between 2017 and 2019. In the papers, the property belonged to Germán Rodríguez and in 2018 it passed into the hands of businessman Diego Riestra for USD 650,000 (to be paid in various installments). Before and after that date, the former secretary and his relatives entered the neighborhood permanently. “The described operation was simulated, being the true owner of the property Víctor Fabián Gutiérrez”, says Bonadio’s ruling. In his defense, Gutiérrez denied owning that house and said he was visiting the country to visit other neighbors and play golf.

14. Something similar happened with a 1170 m2 mansion located in San Isidro. In March 2018, Gutiérrez insured it in his name for $ 15,860,000, but the owner in the papers was Rudy Ulloa Igor. Then it would have passed into the hands of Oscar Núñez, who provided a rental agreement with Gutiérrez for about 40 thousand pesos a month. When Justice raided the place, in 2019, a woman lived. The place was practically empty: in one room there was a mattress lying on the floor and in another bedroom there was a box spring.