They look for an evangelical pastor accused of murdering a young woman with a shotgun in González Catán

Justice issued in the last hours an arrest warrant to catch a man identified as Paolo Roberto González, 62, an evangelical pastor accused of murdering with a shotgun to Fabiana Carolina Pérez, 23 years old, in González Catán, western area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs.

According to judicial sources, the fatal event occurred on Monday, June 22, after a dispute between neighbors at the intersection of La Bastilla and Río Cuarto streets, in that town of Greater Buenos Aires.

It all started when Pastor González’s daughter, alias “the old Paraguayan”, He told his father that he had problems with Gabriel Machuca, Pérez’s partner.

Machuca reportedly went to González’s daughter’s house and there began a discussion about neighborhood conflicts, which is still being investigated. The fight rose in pitch, but not much more. The woman, once Machuca went home, called González.

He related what had happened and the pastor took his shotgun and went to the Machucha family home, where the couple lived with their two minor children.

First, he threatened them from the sidewalk of the home, while asking the man to go outside. Machuca did not come out. Then, González approached the door of the home, kicked the door open and started shooting.

Machuca, in the middle of the shooting, managed to take shelter, but his wife does not. She was shot in the chest, leaving her badly injured, lying on the floor of the house.

Hearing the shots, a group of neighbors approached, one of them got Pérez in his car and they moved her immediately. to the Figuereo Paredes Clinic, in Isidro Casanova, where he died hours later.

Quickly, after the attack, the pastor fled and is still wanted by Justice. For these hours, the prosecutor Juan Pablo Tatahian, from the La Matanza Homicide UFI ordered a capture.

González is accused of the crime of Homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm and attempted murder The last time he was seen was there. Since that day the pastor disappeared from the places he used to frequent. As they reported, the church where González preached closed and was transformed into a house.

This week, the prosecutor must take testimonial statements from witnesses to the incident and González’s relatives to determine his whereabouts and catch him.

According to Paula, Pérez’s sister said in an interview in Chronicle TV: González’s daughter encouraged her father to shoot at the house. In fact, once he murdered my sister, he went outside to look for Machuca to kill him. She saw him run and triggered to kill him from behind. I was possessed. “