“Good faith and common sense”, Alladio’s recipe to get around the cut in the payment chain

The CEO of Alladio e Hijos, Pablo De Lazzari, stressed on Tuesday that they managed to successfully overcome the crisis that was installed by the new coronavirus and the consequent break in the payment chain.

Lazzari recalled that shortly after the quarantine against Covid-19 was established, his company faced a “shock very deep ”due to the“ abrupt cut in the payment chain ”.

“That generated a reaction in all the companies in our chain, but mainly in the supply chain, where sanity finally prevailed and we ended up working under the concept that in this we saved each other,” he revealed when speaking at the XXIII Annual Meeting of the Christian Association of Business Leaders (Acde).

Lazzari remarked that, in view of this situation, the parties involved decided to “put contracts aside, commercial terms and penalties.” Often, he stressed: “The great ones decided to assist us, logistically and financially, and that allowed us to assist the smallest ones.”


“This is how we are working today and that allowed the wheel to turn again and the entire chain of our supply to be operating, giving employment, paying their salaries. They are giving us the inputs and they allow us to be working at a little more than 60 percent of the productive capacity that we had before the pandemic, “he explained.

The executive noted that the determining factor was that “good faith and common sense prevailed” of all the sectors involved in their productive activity to define a common strategy that would allow them to overcome the obstacles posed by the coronavirus.

Another of the actions that he considered was the “public and private articulation, where solidarity and honesty were given, and where there was also the conviction that we all went out together.”

In this regard, he highlighted the “coordination” of his company “with the municipalities of the region” to promote the necessary actions to safeguard the “health of our people”.

“We put our occupational safety team at the service of the municipalities and the province, we worked with the provincial COE (Emergency Operations Center) defining the policies and regulations for the industrial protocol of the province of Córdoba,” he explained.