Software companies will be the most favored

The migration from physical to online was accelerated because virtuality became the new normal and new business opportunities were opened.

Alexander Zecler, regional director of business development for the company Zetech, discusses in the following iProfessional interview the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures of social containment to prevent its spread, in the software sector.

-Since the isolation rules, how did this measure impact your company?

-The measure in the company was taken, from the beginning, in a protocol manner. That is, at no time have the essential precautions and cares to face the Covid-19 been neglected.

From a week before March 20, we have been working from our homes with the advantage that all the work of the company can be done through the remote work.

Beyond that the collaborators already had the possibility to carry out home officeOnce a week, it was the first time that our offices were completely empty.

The adaptation to the new normality was not complicated, since digitization is in our DNA and adapting to everything being through it was only a matter of days.

At the beginning, we had to organize ourselves at the team level. Each team communicated constantly with its leaders in order to have somehow organized the workspace.

Being a climate of tension and uncertainty it became difficult to project into the futureWe still did not know if we had a month or more. Over time, we have been able to accommodate and understand that, beyond quarantine, we had to stay in our homes, while we can work from there, so that none of our employees put their health at risk.

Double-digit growth

-What measures did you take? Did they fire employees? Did they join ATP?

-The measures adopted by the company began with migrate all face-to-face work to 100% virtual. In this way, we saw the need to plan what the organization of the office would be like in this new modality.

With the luck that the vast majority of our collaborators were already doing homeoffice and the adaptation was quite agile. We do not fire employees, on the contrary, we continue to hire. We do not join ATP.

– How they closed this first semester of the year?

-We closed it very well because our platforms became much more necessary and valued in this context. From May 2019 to May 2020 in pesos, turnover increased by 91%.

-How has the market where your company operates in Argentina changed since the isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, on March 20, until now?

-The fact that people work in a decentralized way made companies decide much faster to adopt platforms than eliminate the use of paper, since the paper is offline.

Thus, the shift towards digital transformation was streamlined. With TuRecibo, companies were able to continue distributing labor documents among themselves, the salary receipt and documents such as:

  • Safe conduits.
  • Home office policies.
  • Covid-19 Health DDJJ.

These documents had a leading role at this time.

-What consequences in the short and medium term will the pandemic and preventive measures generate, in your company and in the market where you operate in Argentina?

Every crisis offers an opportunity And I think that software companies are the most favored. In this context, the migration from the physical to the online was accelerated because virtuality became the new normal.

It is necessary to understand that digital transformation is an ally of efficiency to achieve its development and sustainability over time. And those companies that do not make the decisions to achieve it will be left behind.

-How do you evaluate the government response at its different levels (Nation, provinces, municipalities) to the consequences of the pandemic and isolation, in the market where your company operates?

-We believe that adequate measures are being taken for the health careAlthough we consider that the economic consequences will have an impact in the short and medium term.

-In the context of the pandemic and isolation, what government measures do you consider to be necessary in the short and medium term?

-I consider that the knowledge promotion law is something important and that it is necessary for government measures in the short and medium term.

Alejandro Zecler: “From May 2019 to May 2020 in pesos, turnover increased by 91%.”


Zetech was founded with the aim of improving access to information for organizations and companies with cutting-edge technology. With experience in document management and electronic signature, he develops technological tools such as NosConecta, and TSDocs. It has almost a million users and more than 1,000 clients nationally and internationally, who protect contracts, salary receipts, invoices, files, among other documents.

Alejandro Zecler is Zetech regional director for more than six years. He is in charge of the commercial strategy in Argentina and the region. He is an industrial engineer from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE).

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