incidents and an injured driver from a bullet

A dissident faction of the UTA maintains a blockade at the head of the 25 de Mayo. There were clashes and shooting of firearms

The city of Mar del Plata It has no bus service for the third consecutive day, as a result of a union intern that on Monday added serious incidents at the head of theto company May 25, which included blows and shots that left a wounded driver with a bullet.

As reported by the portal, after 7 on Monday, alleged members of the Automotive Tramway Union (UTA) Along with “barra bravas” they attacked protesters from a dissident group to the union, which have kept the exit of groups blocked since Saturday.

A dissident faction of the UTA maintains a blockade at the head of the May 25

After police intervention, there were serious clashes This included the use of firearms and a driver was injured at the level of the abdomen and had to be transferred to a private clinic.

The driving the UTA He had made a presentation to the justice system to evict the protesters, but due to the lack of response they decided to act on their own with a negative balance.

Meanwhile, the city continues without public transport of passengers and for two weeks the service has suffered continuous force measures.

The conflict

For two weeks, the group service in Mar del Plata, if it is not partial, is absolutely null. For conflicts that are disputed in three different scenarios, the local, the national and the union, the people of Mar del Plata have not guaranteed access to public passenger transport since June 22.

The interruption of service that started over the weekend and continues to this day is due to a blockade carried out since Saturday drivers of the opposition faction of the UTA at the head of the company 25 de Mayo located in Constitución at 10,250.

The UTA presented this Saturday a appeal, but Justice has not yet ruled in this regard and the conflict could not be unlocked. In any case, it is expected that a mediation will be called today. From the Municipality they assured that in the union dispute they will not have intervention.

The conflict around public transport service passengers occurs today in three different scenarios.

The testimony of one of the wounded during the confrontation

The testimony of one of the wounded during the confrontation

On the one hand, the city has not had night buses for two weeks, when on June 22 the local union announced the measure of force after the business chamber decided to suspend 30% of the staff before the abrupt fall in the collection during the quarantine. The cessation of tasks, still in force, occupies the time range between 22 and 6, without a clear resolution horizon.

A second scenario took place this Wednesday, when the UTA at the national level, with the exception of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), announced a total stoppage of activities due to the lack of access to ATP, due to the payment of salaries in June and lack of percentages of increases per parity. Still, a principle of agreement Thursday night put the conflict on hold until today.

In any case, and giving rise to the third stage of protest around the micros serviceIn the early hours of this Saturday, workers against the UTA’s decision to suspend the force measure until tomorrow and demanding other situations, such as the total lack of 120 workers, blocked the departure of the units at the head of the company. 25 of May.

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