During the quarantine, victims of gender violence will be able to use public transport without permits

The Government reported on Monday that the victims of gender violence can use the public transport without the need to have the certificate essential worker requested for this new stage of social isolation, preventive and compulsory.

Through a joint statement, the Ministries of Transport and of Women, Gender and Diversity expressed: “Beyond the restrictions and the need for movement permits, people who are in a situation of gender-based violence can request authorization for 24 hours and, even if they do not have it, use public transport to report, request assistance to devices to deal with violence or family and circle of trust “.

As reported, the provision seeks to provide the “necessary accessibility tools for people in situations of gender-based violence,” in the context of the new stage of the quarantine that began on July 1.

In addition, they added that it coordinated with the Ministry of National Security so that the police can “accompany, assist and advise to people in situations of gender-based violence who are circulating. “

They also remembered the 24/7 availability on Line 144 of the Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity for telephone advice “in case of any emergency”.

Last Friday, President Alberto Fernández and Minister Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta presented the 2020-2022 National Plan of Action against Gender-Based Violence.

To that end, at the Ministry of Transport “Important gender measures were implemented”, among them training of the Micaela Law in all decentralized organizations; a Comprehensive Planning Plan with a gender perspective; actions for the prevention of gender-based violence; and the appointment of those responsible for the matter in all the agencies dependent on the Ministry, among others.