The most common password in the world … and the most dangerous

A study analyzed huge databases of users that have been leaked and whose information included the world’s most widely used password

exist bad passwords, how to use your DNI, your bank code, your last name or your date of birth; And then there are the bad passwords, like 123456 and all its variants with more or less numbers.

Things do not change in 2020, because last year it was also the most hacked password in the world, and the previous one, and so on until the beginning of the mass Internet. And keys like “password” or “password” are also extremely insecure and very popular on the Internet, unfortunately.

GitHub They are responsible for this macro-study that produces these results and has analyzed huge databases of users that have been leaked in the past and whose information included the password.

Thus, it can be summarized in that 1 in 124 world hacked passwords have the number combination “123456” or a variant of it. No other is repeated so much.

But there are many other points to highlight from this exam. billions of passwords. About 168,919,919 of the total passwords were unique, that is, they have not been found again in another leak

About 7 million were “123456”. 29% of passwords only had letters between their characters. The same, but only with numbers, corresponds to 13% of passwords.

Only 12% used a special character to make the password stronger. The average length of passwords is 9 characters. Only 4% of passwords start with a number, while 34% end with a number

Why is a password like “123456” so insecure? Fundamentally, because it can be obtained by brute force (testing random numbers with a computer program) much faster than another password that mixes letters, numbers, symbols and has a random order. This is a very common problem among Argentine Internet users.

Hackers use specific programs to discover passwords.

How to make a strong password?

Although no password is 100% invulnerable, the truth is that it is much more difficult for hackers to obtain it if you use a password for each account registered on the Internet, which is far from easy.

You can try to use a group of passwords that you will remember well by the associations you make to it (your favorite painting, your favorite food, your pet when you were a child) if you change letters for symbols and numbers. It is much more difficult to hack $ P4qU170_ than Paquito, to give an example.

The correlative number keys are very easy to discover.

The correlative number keys are very easy to discover.

Password managers, which are free on the Internet and which are also included on mobiles Android or from Apple, they can help store many very different passwords to make your accounts secure. Now, you can safely use the password that protects this “chest” of passwords. There are even techniques to create strong passwords in a minute.

Since no password is impossible to obtain, it is best to activate the two-step verification in all the online services you use, from Amazon to Netflix, through Google, PayPal or Fitbit.

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