Strong audio by Diego Maradona against Dalma and Gianinna: “Cortenlá with that I’m drunk; I took my daughter passed out at her house, at 15 years old “

Diego Maradona, faced again with Dalma and Gianinna

Each family is a world. But in the clan of Diego Maradona The confrontations are not kept private, but take on great public relevance. The conflict started when Dalma He complained that he was unable to communicate with his father. Then, a controversial video of the Ten dancing in bad shape. While Gianinna expressed concern about the health of the Ten and threatened to take legal action to help him.

The daughters of Claudia Villafañe they are angry with the environment of the soccer star, of which the lawyer is a part Matías Morla. They assure that they don’t take care of it as they should, that they have it isolated and that they expose it in the worst way in the media. Later, Maradona recorded a video in an ironic tone in which he appeared with a ribbon tied to his wrists. “Oh, I didn’t know he was in prison”, says the technical director and a few seconds later he releases his hands. “Prisoner, the balls”, concludes.

In a new chapter of this story, a strong audio of the former soccer player was revealed in which he reveals an episode that happened with one of his daughters, without giving any name: “Listen, cut it off with that I’m drunk. My own daughter comes to tell me. I took my daughter passed out with 15 years old to the house. This is the truth it hurts. ”

Maradona’s scandalous audio against one of his daughters (Infobae)

In the recording, to which he had access TeleshowMaradona also refers to the alleged economic scam of Claudia Villafañe that led to an enormous legal battle in Justice: “But I am not going to loosen him, I am not going to loosen him. They think that by rushing me they will make me fall all that my mother stole from me. Don’t get hooked, girls, don’t get hooked. ”

He Ten He would be referring to an episode that Gianinna would have starred in, since it was she who spoke about the alleged alcohol addiction and her intention to take legal action to help him in the cycle. Intruders. “The alcohol scene has been denied for a long time. It’s not something from now, from the quarantine “, He emphasized, and related what he experienced in October last year when he went to his father’s birthday. The first meeting was in the afternoon. There he went with his son Benjamin, his sister Dalma and his niece Roma. Back then, they stressed that they had not seen it “well”, and left.

“But then I came back without telling my sister,” Benjamín Agüero’s mother said and when he arrived, he found Maradona “asleep at a table.” “With people around,” he said, and stated that Jana was present that night. “When my dad broke down, Matías Morla (his lawyer) left. My friend wanted to go face him and I told him to record it, because later what he said could be used against him, “said the young woman.

Then he recalled that in 2014 they had managed to get Diego admitted for his cocaine addiction. “We (Dalma and Gianinna) have experienced situations that were not good. My dad thanked me a lot of times that we had admitted him at the time. We gave the responsibility to a judge. Today it cannot be done legally ”, remarked the designer.

Notably Leopoldo Luque, the neurosurgeon who treats Maradona, admitted that his patient has problems with drinking: “He, at times, has excesses with alcohol and at times he does not. This stand, this quarantine, these family problems are terrible for him. So when I hear it’s a pill issue … No, that’s simplifying a problem that has a higher understanding system, that has to do with family support. This is atypical, this quarantine. “


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