G. Britain withdraws quarantine to 60 countries, leaves the US out

LONDON (AP) – The British government on Friday lifted the mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers from some 60 nations considered “low risk” by the coronavirus, including France, Spain, Germany and Italy, but not the United States, the country. with more cases of COVID-19 in the world.

The changes will take effect on July 10, just a month after Britain began demanding that newcomers from abroad isolate themselves for two weeks. The full list of exempt countries will be announced later on Friday, the government said.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said nations will be classified with a traffic light system: green for low-risk, amber for medium-risk and red for high-risk. The United States, which has the highest number of infected and deceased by coronavirus in the world, will be in the last category, and those who arrive from the country will have to quarantine.

“They have a very high number of infections, that’s why they are not on the list today,” Shapps said.

The government will withdraw its warning against travel to several countries on Saturday, which means British tourists will be able to go on holiday abroad.

According to Shapps, the changes are “good news for the population and great news for British companies,” but he stressed that the government may re-impose quarantine restrictions “in the countries with which we are reconnecting.”

The announced changes apply only to England, an indication of the friction between Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s central government and the semi-autonomous regions that make up the country – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.