Unusual: capybaras and geese “evicted” from a country in Berazategui

The authorities of an exclusive country located in the town of Hudson captured in cages and removed from the ground capybara and geese hatchlings, who lived there in the wild. It was due to complaints from neighbors who felt “invaded”. The animals, disoriented, settled near the fence and for days they try to enter again.

The episode occurred last week, in the closed Abril neighborhood, and generated outrage among many people in the area, who exposed it through social networks and demanded a solution.

“They are animals of few days of life to which they took from one day to the next and now they want to return, “explained a neighbor of the neighborhood, who did not want to spread her name, to the site The News 1. According to what he told, neighbors with houses located in front of the lake made a complaint months ago about the presence of the animals, since they made them feel “invaded”.

“Abril has 300 hectares, we are more than a thousand families living here, and we understand that it is we humans who invade the habitat of animals. We must live with them. But for a small group that complained that they enter their lots, they did this wild thing, “said the woman.

The images of the animals were broadcast by the neighbors themselves on social networks. (Photo: Twitter / @alertagalgoargentina).

What triggered the strongest criticism is that the “driven” capybaras and geese remain on the other side of the fence and have been trying to re-enter for days. The images went viral and generated great controversy, in addition to repeated denunciations by organizations that defend animal rights.

The country administration, for its part, issued a statement in which it reports that the actions were covered by the Flora and Fauna Directorate of the Province of Buenos Aires, which, through an act, enabled the removal of animals and its transfer to a bordering nature reserve. However, in the same report they admitted that this task should be undertaken a specialized company but that ultimately was not hired due to quarantine.