Strict quarantine: 8% decrease in the use of public transport in the AMBA

This Tuesday, the last day before the start of the strict quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, less than 850 thousand users traveled on trains, subways and buses in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), which meant a fall in 8.7 percent from from last week. This was reported by the Ministry of Transport, who also stressed that yesterday they used it 3.4 million less people than before the implementation of mandatory isolation.

Based on a survey of the data provided by the SUBE cards, the portfolio indicated that the 846,004 Tuesday’s passengers represent an 80% reduction compared to 4,242,450 They used the three means of transportation, on average, in business days prior to isolation.

“In addition to reflecting a decrease in 8.7% compared to the circulation of last Tuesday, if compared to the number of passengers who used public transport on June 16, the figure for this Tuesday shows a reduction in the 24% (270,708 less users) in intraday comparison ”, added the text.

On Tuesday there was an 8.7% drop from last week in public transport at the AMBA. (Credits: Ministry of Transport)

On the other hand, he highlighted: “The average circulation last week, between Monday, June 22 and Friday, June 26, was 978,345 users “.

Regarding the transportation between jurisdictions, reported that during the second half of June 63% of passengers traveled within Greater Buenos Aires; 19% did so within the City; 14%, from the Province to the City; and 4%, from CABA to PBA.

“We are not going to block the SUBE because that decision brings many problems. What we want is for those who do not have to go up to transport, “said Transport Minister Mario Meoni.” If there is someone who is not an essential worker, but has to move due to force majeure, that person must be able to get on to transport ”, he added.

The use of public transport on weekends and holidays fell markedly. (Credits: Ministry of Transport)
The use of public transport on weekends and holidays fell markedly. (Credits: Ministry of Transport)

In the same sense, he pointed out: “We are working with SUBE so that whoever uses the card three times in a row without having an essential worker permit associated with it, use is temporarily suspended. It would be a suspension, not a blockade, because blocking implies not being able to recover it and lose credit. ”

“Anyway, we are analyzing it according to how many passengers they represent. There is no decision made and, whatever it may be, it requires technological development, “he explained.

The essential workers they must travel with the updated circulation permit, DNI, and face masks. The renewal of the Single Circulation Enabling Certificate (CUHC) is carried out through the CuidAR app or at, in which the SUBE card number must also be declared.