Coronavirus in Argentina | The return of domestic flights is postponed

Transport Minister Mario Meoni anticipated on Tuesday that the resumption of domestic flights, which was scheduled for July 15, it will be postponed “for a time”. The decision is due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections that were registered in recent days, both in the AMBA and in other parts of the country, which motivated a tightening of restrictions traffic.

“There is connectivity special flights to some provinces. That will increase as the activities of the districts increase, “the minister said in radio statements.

Meoni indicated that, together with Aerolineas Argentinas, they worked on a protocol It is now ready for domestic and international flights, however its debut will be delayed.

“We expected to put it into operation in mid-July and start with the interconnection between provinces that they did not have community circulation of COVID-19, but given the circumstances of a notable increase in the City of Buenos Aires, we cannot guarantee that we will not transport the virus from Buenos Aires to some provinces, “he explained.

“There are many governors who are afraid, so we are consulting with each of those responsible for transportation in the provinces to see when they consider it possible. In any case, there is connectivity between provinces, there are special flights “he insisted.

In addition, he indicated that the reactivation is on hold because in the next 15 days “a very critical situation is expected in the City of Buenos Aires” and the resumption of domestic flights would be counterproductive. “We prioritize health over any other activity”, he claimed.