The day we met René Favaloro’s “heart”: his childhood, passion for work and gymnastics

In June 1995, days after having carried out a successful multiple transplant, the journalist of TN Mario Markic interviewed the doctor René Favaloro. This talk, which without losing the formal tone, allowed to feel the most intimate heartbeat of the doctor and left phrases to remember:

His work:

“I work 10/12 hours a day. I never counted operations.” “It depends on whether you can have stable hands for five hours without moving, that your vision is not clouded, that you can maintain serenity. As long as your brain and hands are good, you can continue operating.” You enjoy your work. suffers. When you lose a patient you suffer terribly. “

Organ donation

“People have to understand that one can be useful even after death. You have to make people understand that where they put it, all that will rot. “


“I am not afraid of death. The surgeon lives with death. Sick me? Only once with hepatitis last year. One week I was scared because the thing was quite ugly. I came to think that it was going to happen … I said, What a thing, I will not see the sunset, my friends, the family … I thought of nature and little things.


“I continue to live on ideals and utopias. The day that there is no ideal ahead or a new challenge, I prefer to die. Outside the surgery room I am moved by anything.”

His origins

“It would be horrible if I forgot where I came from, where I came from and if I wasn’t in contact with people. I use the lunfardo because I learned it as a boy.”

Gymnastics of La Plata, his passion

“I am a confessed fan and I carry it in my soul since I was a kid … I was born in the“ El Mondongo ”neighborhood, a very poor neighborhood in La Plata. There they were all from Gymnastics”.