LIVE | Watch the documentary “Quarantine: the 100 days that changed our lives”

There is no Argentine who will ever forget the press conference of March 19, 2020, when President Alberto Fernández announced the quarantine that for these hours is 100 days.

Today TN premieres a special program, Quarantine: the 100 days that changed our lives, which presents a one-hour historical document of what is probably the most unusual and traumatic experience that Argentines have had.

The documentary has the voices of the men behind the decisions The government speaks of the people who lost their loved ones and those who, thanks to doctors and hospitals, were able to recover from the virus and the most complicated pandemic of this century.

Is it so the most difficult moments of these 100 days, such as that morning and afternoon of April 3, when all the retirees crowded into lines in front of the banks to collect their assets and the image traveled the country. The nursing homes, which became one of the most complicated sources of infection for adults, and the stories of those who lost their relatives there.

Quarantine: the 100 days that changed our lives premieres Saturday at 11pm on TN.