For the first time, a trans prison officer agreed to a hierarchical position

For the first time in its history, the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) appointed a trans officer in a hierarchical position. It’s about the Warden Angeles Maribel Helguera, that, by order of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Province, she was appointed Coordinator in the Subdirectorate for Gender Policies.

After his appointment, Helguera will be in charge of the trans prison population housed in the jails of the Province, which are currently located in Units 2 of Sierra Chica and 32 of Florencio Varela and in the Alcaidía Batán.

The appointment of the officer was reportedly decided by virtue of the good performance shown in her previous duties. In this way, the SPB aims among other objectives to achieve compliance with the postulates of the Gender Identity Law in the penitentiary field. In addition, it is part of a progressive implementation of the Trans Labor Quota Law in the Province.

Among its main functions, Helguera shall generate, in coordination with the Ministry of Women, gender and diversity policies, suitable instances for identification and the management of own problems of the trans population that is deprived of liberty in the Buenos Aires jails.

From the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, they stressed that “this decision is part of a set of actions implemented to adapt prison management to standards of security, transparency and respect for human rights.”

Angels story

The officer was appointed Coordinator in the Subdirectorate for Gender Policies (Photo:

Angels is platense, from the town of Lisandro Olmos and has 35 years. In 2005 he entered the Cadet School and graduated two years later. Later, he fulfilled functions in Units 46 and 47 of San Martín, in the Operations Directorate and in Unit 35 of Magdalena. It was there where In 2012, the gender change transition process began.

Later, the official she returned to Unit 47, where she was recognized as a female staff and designated as Head of Visitors. She was then transferred to the Malvinas Argentinas City Hall, she passed through Unit 33 of Los Hornos and in 2014 she was assigned to Unit 8, where she worked in the office of Sumarios and later as Chief of Companions.

Finally, in November 2018, she was referred to Unit 18 of Gorina, and in November of last year she went on to serve in Unit 45 of Melchor Romero, until last week it was summoned to the Subdirectorate for Gender Policies, which depends on the General Directorate for Assistance and Treatment of the SPB.

“My great challenge is to ensure that trans women deprived of liberty can obtain in their time in prison labor and educational tools that allow them to access a dignified life in freedom. The State supports this objective and I understand these processes very well, “said the new coordinator.

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