Telenoche | 100 days quarantine: four lives that will never be the same

Behind the official figures and graphs, there are stories of Argentines whose life changed forever in mid-March, with the first strict announcement of mandatory social isolation.Telenoche He then interviewed Ricardo, an actor who became unemployed; Sergio and Noelia, in front of a clothing house; José Manuel, lifelong gastronomic and Dolores, a pastry chef who was left on the street and had to dedicate himself to greengroceries to survive. almost 100 days later -and with new restrictions- they spoke again.

Interviewed by Federico Wiemeyer, The stories have one thing in common: the constant effort to get out of the well. José Manuel, a native of Galicia and owner of the still life the Great Congress TavernI was desperate a few months ago and about to close. Today, with the effort of him and his 20 employees, he is a little better.

The owner of the Great Tavern, a historic Congress restaurant that was on the verge of closing. (Photo: Mario Peredo /

In front of a clothing house in PompeiiSergio and Noelia had also thought of closing definitively when everything started in front of the hostile panorama. In May they had to open clandestinely in order to survive. Today they are selling 20% ​​of what they sold in normal life but they have hope.

Dolores told Wiemeyer that her entrepreneurship as a greengrocer allows you to survive. Months ago, she was starting from scratch after being fired from a shop where she worked informally as a baker.

Difficult remains Ricardo’s situation, double action movie and daddy of three girls. His case went from bad to worse. When he spoke to Telenoche months ago, he was already unemployed with a pile of debts. Today, everything got complicated. He did not return to work and the debts are suffocating. He had to resign himself to selling his car to pay cards, credits, services and school fees for his expired daughters, among other holes.