Today’s horoscope, Friday June 26, 2020


Drive to do things that satisfy you inside. They manage to overcome an affective inconvenience that had saddened them. Renewal and momentum combined in their innate forces. Activities with a lot of energy, especially when we intend to be positive. Save as much as you can, these are moments to be cautious.

Color Moment: mahogany.


They get excited about starting activities at home that would do them good emotionally. Don’t put off deciding to do things for yourself. It is a good time to plan things that you want to obtain, planning means deciding to search, to find. Love with a good day, kind and with positive intentions.

Color Moment: rose.


A positive alternative is presented through someone they know who could benefit them at work. Do not worry if you do not receive a reply that you expect, knowing how to wait is part of everyday life. The daily chores that the routine involves doing, instead of generating discomfort, interpret that they are doing things that entertain them.

Color Moment: green Forest.


It will cultivate new spiritual purposes in you that will help you feel better every day. A good state of mind is to take advantage of in every way. The inner evolution in this fantastic sign of Water, is a flow not difficult to acquire for these intuitive and good natives. The love of couple in full improvement.

Color Moment: Violet.


They will feel that they cannot handle a situation that has to do with the heart. Evaluate to what extent you will manage not to suffer and if you cannot handle it, find in yourself the best way to preserve yourself. The pains in life exist, there would be no evolution without pain, but caring for integrity is very important.

Color Moment: orange.


They will feel that they are displaced in their workplace, the situations in this field are mobilized and somewhat confusing. Do not fear, try not to mix emotions or become obsessed. Feel like you are freeing yourself from a weight you don’t have to hold on your shoulders. Taking things objectively is not difficult for you Virginian thinkers.

Color Moment: aquamarine.


They suggest something important to them that makes them realize a mistake they are making on the affective plane. To be able to assume the faults that we commit, or the attitudes that we still don’t want to have, we have to begin to change them. Libra and her sweetness and her constant need to keep the peace can do it. Ahead.

Color Moment: White.


Do not assume a financial responsibility that will later be difficult for you to fulfill. The events of the day will make them run over time. Try to rest mentally, all in time and according to what we can do. Affective issues with some bitter feeling, but try to do your best.

Color Moment: Sapphire.


They are suggested today with somewhat negative memories. Get connected with your inner connection skills and look ahead. Everything points to the union on the emotional level, tune in to these times and the person next to you. Listen to evaluate any movement that could be generated with finances.

Color Moment: turquoise.


They suppress conflicting reactions at home and realize how much better it is to slow down in time and change energy. They agree on something to sign in the future in a possible business. Don’t get caught, it would be nice if they allow things to go their natural way. Pressing is not valid. Alternative distraction at home, play as a family.

Color Moment: corn.


They should not be suspicious of the person next to them. The certainty of the acts is reflected in how we act. They should rethink and try not to get carried away by jealousy. The finances with some care, control the expenses planning ahead. The typical anxiety of the aguateros on the surface. Seek calm.

Color Moment: blue France.


They obtain a great reward at the emotional level due to a confession made by a person from the family environment. They return to the usual harmony with their partners, feeling that life always gives opportunities and that we can take advantage of them. A desire on the material plane can be realized, go step by step.

Color Moment: fuchsia.