Kicillof and Larreta fell in the ranking of governors

A survey reveals which provincial leaders managed to stand out for their positive image in the midst of the worst stage of the COVID-19 pandemic

The last edition of the image ranking of Argentine governors carried out by CB consultants left several surprises.

On the one hand, for the management of the health crisis fell since the last measurement, both the Head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, as the Buenosairean governor, Axel Kicillof.

The online survey was conducted by CB Consultora, led by CEO Cristian Buttié, to 18,296 people over 16 years old, located in 23 provinces of the country. The sample was taken between June 17 and 21, 2020.

The ranking of the governors with the best positive image is the salteño Gustavo Sáenz headed, which went from a positive image of 67.9% in May to 71.3% in June.

They follow him in second place Rodolfo Suárez de Mendoza (70.7% positive image) and Sergio Ziliotto from La Pampa (67.1%).

On the other side of the table, with the lower percentages of positive image were the chubutense Mariano Arcioni (32.4%) and Chaco Jorge Capitanich (33.7%)

In this way, the ranking of positive image of the governors in June was established according to CB Consultora

For his part, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta appears in position 10 of the table, with 53.9% positive image, 1.9% less than in the measurement of May.

AND Axel Kicillof, which is in 15th place, had 51.9% in May and in June fell to 48.6%, a decrease of 3.3 percentage points in a month.

The survey does not specify the reasons for the loss of positive image of the Buenos Aires Head of Government and the Governor of Buenos Aires, but most of his public appearances and his management during the month analyzed had to do with the management of the measures of prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. And both the City of Buenos Aires and the Province show the worst rates in terms of the number of positive cases and deaths from this disease.

While in the rest of the country and in a large part of the suburbs it has been possible to more advanced stages In the prevention processes, in these two areas of the country that make up the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) it is expected that a setback is announced to the harshest and most restrictive phases of quarantine, based on the results obtained in recent days and the growth of the epidermiological curve.

Both the Governor and the Head of Government have been working together with the national government to lower the epidermiological curve in the AMBA area.

Both the Governor and the Head of Government have been working together with the national government to lower the epidermiological curve in the AMBA area.

Returning to the image ranking of Argentine governors, the provincial president who saw his positive image grow more than any other between May and June was Juan Manzur, from Tucumán, which rose 14 percentage points and ranked 16th in the ranking with 46.4% positive image according to CB Consultora.

As a counterpart, Gustavo Bordet, from Entre Ríos, down 9.4 points from last month. However, it was ranked 12th in the ranking nationwide and maintains, according to analysts, a positive “average” image, with 52.9 percent.

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