Alberto Fernández announced a strict quarantine between July 1 and 17 for the metropolitan area: “We have to isolate AMBA from the rest of the country”

“If we had not done what we did, everything would be more serious and we would have the health system collapsed”assured Alberto Fernández by announcing alongside Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Axel Kicillof what will be the new stricter quarantine that will begin next week. The President detailed which will be the 24 essential activities that may circulate in the metropolitan area starting at 0 am on Monday and explained that strict quarantine will begin on Wednesday, July 1 and end on Friday, July 17.

“We have to isolate the AMBA from the rest of the country, because the rest of the country is not having the problems that the AMBA has. We also have to think about these measures for the Chaco, which is having a contagion speed similar to that of the AMBA, but it does not transcend the AMBA as it does, ”said the President.

Look, let me invite you to reflect a little together. It has been a long time since that day when we announced that a virus had appeared in Argentina that was difficult to control. I told them that it was a difficult battle because we were fighting a disease that we had neither how to prevent nor how to cure it. Seeing the experiences of Europe and other latitudes, we prepared ourselves to face the situation. We have been fighting for many days now, to face the problem, “said the President.

And I add: “Surveys say that one in five Argentines is not satisfied with the quarantine mechanisms. And I agree, because 100% would not have wanted to isolate ourselves, continue enjoying our daily lives and make the economy work. That was my hope when I arrived on December 10. Six months have passed, and in those six months we had a very difficult time, which is facing the pandemic. ”

The coronavirus is that invisible friend that you never know when you finish defeating him. Which is the reason? That increased circulation and transmission of the virus becomes much easier. That happened to us. We knew that we were going to have problems focused on urban centers, and that there was a very clear risk in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, which is objectively one thing, “he said.

Minutes before 12, Axel Kicillof and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta arrived at the Quinta de Olivos. They held a private meeting with President Alberto Fernández for almost an hour. At 12:50 they began to record the message with the announcements. While the original idea was to broadcast the images at noon, the recording was extended more than planned, ended at 14:45 and aired only after 16:15.

Official sources involved in the production confirmed to Infobae than a first attempt to record the message was suspended after ten minutes on the recommendation of the communication experts, which ended up delaying the entire shipment.

97% of detected cases occur AMBA. And the last 20 days, the increase in infections is striking. In the last 20 days, infections increased by 147% and deaths by 95%. We knew it could happen, we were prepared to face it. As I said the first day, we need to buy time to ensure that our health system improves and can serve all Argentines. What we are noticing is that, with this acceleration, we have to alleviate the rate of infections and guarantee that all Argentines have the attention they deserve, ”said Fernández.

And he reiterated that “for many, prolonging is a problem that has economic consequences. I know, but I want to tell you something: the World Bank says, not Alberto Fernández, that it is the most serious economic crisis since 1880″.

“Yesterday, all the bonds in the world fell because they saw a regrowth. I want to make a reflection so that they see that Alberto Fernández never fell in love with the quarantine, it is a remedy, the only one we know of. What we are in love with is life, that’s why we take so much care of it. That is why we are so weighed by that tragic number of 1,000 people who stopped being with us. So we are making these decisions. But I want everyone to understand that the effort we made was not futile. If we had not made this effort it would have been more serious, “explained the President.

He also noted that “more than 2,000 respirators were those that we incorporated into the health system. If in the province of Buenos Aires we had not created the hospitals that we started, and Axel (Kicillof) If he had continued with what he had, today he would have his system collapsed. Yes Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) would not have made an effort with Detect in popular neighborhoods, and I could not have followed the close contacts in hotels, others would be the results that we would be exhibiting. We don’t have to be mad at the remedy, we have to be mad at the disease. ”

“The economy is deteriorating, but the economy is recovering. What we are not going to recover are those 1,000 Argentines who left us. And we can’t make those numbers grow“He insisted.

In his account, Fernández pointed out that “Latin America is the epicenter of the pandemic. Look at what we achieved at this time from March 20 to today. We have successfully contained the number of infections. The incidence rate, which calculates how many people have been infected per 100,000 inhabitants. It is not the effort of a government, it is the effort of all of you. ”

Look at the United States, Peru, Brazil. Chile has a third of the inhabitants than Argentina: ten times more deaths by the same number of inhabitants ”, he claimed.

And he added: “They tell us that we did all that and that it brought us negative economic consequences. They have many countries that were liberated and yet they are exactly the same as Argentina. When one looks at the dead, Argentina is distinguished from the rest. What do I mean by this? That the economic problem is not quarantine, it is the pandemic, and it affects everyone equally “.

“Where’s the quarantine interference? In the number of deaths, one realizes that the efforts made sense. Today June 25, that deepened. In the AMBA the contagion spread and it spread by people who come to the City and go to Chaco carrying the virus. The map is no longer blank, it is more dotted. We see that the epicenter is in the AMBA. There is another epicenter that is the Chaco, but it has much less people traffic. We are seeing that the AMBA is infecting the rest of the country, ”said Fernández.

There he specified: “We have to isolate the AMBA from the rest of the country, because the rest of the country is not having the problems that the AMBA has. We also have to think about these measures for Chaco, which is having a contagion speed similar to that of the AMBA, but it does not transcend the AMBA as if it were. ”

“We saw that we have, as a consequence of the growth of infections, a need in hospitals. From April 5 until today the use of intensive care beds has grown. In the rest of the country 38 beds are being used, in AMBA 424. In AMBA 54% of intensive care beds are occupied. This gives us a very serious guideline that we have to address the problem in this region, “explained the

And he elaborated: “What happens to AMBA is not what is happening to the rest of Argentina. And one can know that in 20 provinces 95% of businesses are working

“We are going to arrange some measures, which have to do with public transport. From 0 hours on Monday its use will be reduced exclusively to the 24 essential services, dictated in the first decree. It is only those that will be able to continue operating. On Monday, all those who work in essential services are going to have to get a permit to circulate, “said the president.

We will encourage our people to work remotely, we know that these decisions have an economic consequence, I am not unaware of it. If any virtue I have is to listen, I know the problems that businesses, professionals, freelancers have. We try to help them how we can, the support given by the State touches three points of the GDP, “he added.

The president also announced that The national government will continue assisting work and production in the affected areas of the AMBA, as well as continuing to pay the IFE to those who need it in that area, in Chaco and in some areas of Río Negro. “Thus, we will be preserving employment and giving tranquility to employers, relieving them of a very high investment that is wages,” he said.

Fernández recalled that “merchants, freelancers, can access zero rate credit. Which has to do with what they bill and has a cap of 150 thousand pesos, the bank is going to grant them on credit cards. ”

“We are going to intensify the detection of the virus. The Detect plan allows us, who has been infected, to give the appropriate treatment. To your proximity contacts and to be able to treat them properly. We are taking these measures so that no Argentine is left without the health he deserves. We have put aside all political differences, I ask you to understand. I ask you to help us. If you help us everything will be easier. If they understand that we don’t want Europe to happen to us, it will be easier. They don’t know how much I value freedom, but I tell you something: to enjoy freedom you have to live, ”said the President.

About the end, after Horacio Rodríguez Larreta detail what will happen in the City and Axel Kicillof do the same with the Province, Fernández showed solidarity with the families of people who died with coronavirus in the country. “Let’s not lower our arms. We understand once again that united Argentines are capable of the best results. We are a great country, a great society, let’s not lower our arms now. We made so much effort … Another effort is worth it ”, he completed.