With the approval of the Casa Rosada, many provinces will double the payment of the half bonus

Through a decree published in the Official Gazette, the Government made the payment in installments of the June bonus available for national public sector workers with higher wages and quickly provincial administrations began to join that they have their boxes as much or more stressed than the Nation.

As expected, the first two districts that moved in the image and likeness of the central administration were the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires. In the first case, the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta defined the payment in two installments except in the case of those who earn salaries less than $ 50,000 or who are Health, Safety or Fire workers. The Buenosairean administration ordered that those who receive between $ 50,001 and $ 85,000 of gross salary, will receive 50% on July 15 and the rest on August 15. Those who win more than $ 85,000 will do so on August 15 and September 15.

For his part, the Governor Axel Kicillof will pay in stages the bonus of the Buenosairean state with salaries superior to the $ 80,000 gross remuneration.

But these administrations are not the only ones that saw in the attitude of the Casa Rosada a way forward. Mendoza will not pay it in installments but instead divided them into three groupss. Salaries up to 40,000 pesos will be collected in September; up to $ 60,000 in October; up to $ 80,000 in November and the rest of the officials will only do so in December. In this case, the question is raised as to what will happen to the second installment of the supplementary annual salary.

Cordova It was agreed today that the municipalities that need it may do so in three payments, while for public employees established that political officials and agents (active and passive) whose monthly salary is higher than the governor’s pocket salary, will collect the Christmas bonus in three installments. This measure does not include workers from the Security Forces and the Ministry of Health, who will have their salary and SAC deposited in a single payment.

In case of Chubut was the most expected. Unable to pay wages in a single tranche, it was logical that he would not be able to face the bonus so he also establish an installment payment system.

The provinces of Chaco, Catamarca, La Pampa and Formosa They also advised their public employees that they will not receive the SAC in a single payment and that in the next few days they will communicate what the strategy will be in each district.

But some governors are “hiding” the payment in installments under the excuse of the coronavirus. Thus, for example, they stagger in different days in payment depending on the amounts or the termination of the DNI. “It is so that people do not accumulate in ATMs” they repeat. This is being done, for example, by Chaco and Formosa.

There are still districts that did not define which path they will follow, as is the case of Neuquen. This province, for example, is waiting at the last minute to know if the royalties it will have were paid with a barrel at USD 45 or at a lower price. Another district that has not yet defined this situation is Tucumán.

But not everyone will pay in installments. Santa Fe defined the total payment; Río Negro, if it obtains a loan from the Casa Rosada, will transfer it to the total payment of the SAC. Corrientes, San Juan, Misiones and Jujuy also They announced that they will pay in a single payment.

Although the Nation finishes paying the $ 30,000 million of Treasury Contributions (ATN) and the $ 30,000 million of the Trust Fund that it has to help the provinces, the drop in collection in all the districts of the last twelve months is just as important. It would not be enough for the 23 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to pay the supplementary annual salary in a single installment.