Twenty-two British police officers were injured while trying to stop an illegal party

By Michael Holden and Alistair Smout

LONDON, Jun 25 (Reuters) – Twenty-two police officers were injured during riots following an unauthorized nightly music event in London, in which the crowd attacked some patrols, British authorities said on Thursday.

Parties have been banned during confinement by the coronavirus in the UK, although non-compliance has occurred.

“They are absolutely infamous scenes,” said Interior Minister Priti Patel.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the scenes as “appalling”, adding: “We will not tolerate violence against the police.”

Police explained that they were attacked when they came in response to complaints about noise, antisocial behavior and violence in the Brixton area.

None of the officers was seriously injured, although two required hospital treatment. Some police cars were damaged and four people were detained. (Information from Michael Holden, David Milliken, Elizabeth Piper and William James; Translated by Tomás Cobos)