The mortar militant arrives extradited from Uruguay

The left militant Sebastián RomeroAccused of firing a mortar during a march against the pension reform on December 18, 2017, he arrived in the country extradited from Uruguay, after spending two years on the run from Argentine justice.

The detainee landed at around 3pm at the Ezeiza international airport and from there he was transferred to a police station waiting to be investigated remotely by federal judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral.

Romero was declared a fugitive in the case that investigated the incidents in the National Congress during a protest against the judicial reform that promoted macrism.

It was federal judge Sergio Torres who ordered his national and international capture, but when he was appointed to the Buenos Aires Supreme Court of Justice, the court was subrogated by Canicoba Corral.

Romero, accused of “public intimidation, damage, injuries and resistance to authority”, must serve 15 days of isolation as a preventive measure against COVID-19, confirmed to Telam his lawyer, Martín Alderete.

So they were looking for Sebastián Romero. (Credits: Twitter @PFAOficial)

According to the lawyer, due to the measures for the coronavirus pandemic, Romero “cannot be in contact with other detainees, but it will be in some dependency of some security force that allows it to be isolated “.

“He is going to give a statement, I understand that between Friday and Saturday. There we will see what is the specific and concrete accusation that is made, and from that we will make the proposals that correspond to him,” he said.

Romero was caught by Interpol on May 30, near Chui, on the border between Uruguay and Brazil. He was alone and without dreadlocks and they think he had financial assistance.