The first officer of the Buenos Aires Police died of coronavirus

The Province Ministry of Security reported that a cash from the Buenos Aires Police with coronavirus died this Wednesday, and became the first fatal victim of that force linked to the pandemic.

Is about Eduardo Maximiliano Benítez, who provided services in the motorized division of the Departmental Security Police The slaughter. He had forcibly entered in September 2015.

The officer was 31 years old and would have spread the virus at the Diego Paroissien Hospital, where he was admitted after having a stroke. Then he presented a table of pneumonia and the swab confirmed that it was positive for COVID-19.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security Sergio Berni, He referred to this sad news in dialogue with the press and took the opportunity to give his condolences to Benítez’s wife. There, he highlighted “the tremendous effort that the Police are making, which has been a hundred days without rest.”

The officer’s body will be buried this Thursday morning in the González Catán cemetery, southwest of Greater Buenos Aires.

In the last weeks, The slaughter sumo more than a thousand new infected and total 3129 since the arrival of the virus in the country.

One day before Benítez’s death, the death of a Chaco deputy commissioner, 47, called René Pogonza. Before becoming infected, he had participated in the custody of an official delegation that was transferred by El Impenetrable and from which several officials tested positive.

The deputy commissioner started with symptoms on June 11 and he was isolated until 18, when he was found slumped on the floor in a room of the Hotel Don Andrés, in the town of El Sauzalito. A week later, a swab confirmed the diagnosis and he died in the Bicentennial hospital, where he was hospitalized.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)